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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Exclusive: Lenno Interview

Exclusive Track Preview + Interview with Lenno

Today, we've got an exclusive interview + track preview from Finnish producer Lenno. Following the interview, we have a preview of his new remix of Tropic of Pisces' "Symmetry." Learn about Lenno below!


EDM.com: How did you get your start in producing dance music? Do you have any previous experience in music?

“I’ve been involved with music for a long time. I started playing guitar when I was 7. I gradually had the need to start recording my stuff. I saw a video from a British Duo called “The Young Punks” making some funky house music and that was the moment when I thought that electronic music could be cool. I slowly started making my own stuff, I made about 20 remixes in a year, and that was kind of when I thought that this could be a thing for me.”


EDM.com: What does the typical process look like when starting a new project? 

“It depends. For remixes, I like to take the vocals from the original track and try and make a new song out of it. For originals, it depends a lot. Sometimes I will go into the studio with a vocalist and start improvising stuff until something cool happens. Other times, I will do a track and someone will then make a vocal for it. For me, it is always about making the best out of a vocal.”


EDM.com: The sounds off of your recent “Never Stop” EP are both uplifting and fun. What do you have planned for the future? 

“I’ve been working on a lot of original music that has not come out yet. I am really trying to focus on original projects right now. Since the new EP, I feel very strongly that my music should be very vocal-based. A lot of my current projects are almost-kind of pop songs.”


EDM.com: Are there any other artists that you would love to collaborate with?

“If I were to think of anybody, I guess it would be Prince. He is a genius. Even though he seems like the weirdest person to be around with, his music is just insane and is definitely a big inspiration for me. From the dance world, I am really interested in what Porter Robinson is doing right now. He is basically the poster boy of EDM. Yet, with the new album coming out, it is the totally opposite of what he has been doing before that. I would love to pick his brain and get behind his process – I think it is amazing.”


EDM.com: Do you look to any other artists/people/things for inspiration? If so, who/what? 

“I always try to picture a scene for my tracks. I try to work off a feeling. I think of a certain moment and somehow channel it to a track. It also helps with not getting stuck – if it is a very strong feeling, you can always find something from it.”


EDM.com: Outside of producing, do you have any other hobbies or things you like to do?

“I am pretty big on cycling. Finland is not the best place for that since we still have snow, I can only go for six months a year.”


EDM.com: Any closing remarks for your fans & those who haven’t heard of you before?

“There is a lot of big stuff coming and I hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out. If you have not heard of me before, I hope you take a listen and find a happy feeling out of my music.”


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