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Throwback Thursday Vol. 2 [Featuring Diplo]

Throw it back, DIPLO style...

This week’s Throwback Thursday post goes out to the one and only, Diplo. However, you won’t be hearing his usual, Diplo & Friends, dance-room records- but will actually be gaining a fresh, new outlook on the producer’s past work with genres varying from indie-folk, to more classical, and sensual grooves.

Today, we've featured a list of five records, focusing from past releases duirng 2004-2010, on hit albums such as: Florida, Sound And Fury, and some of Diplo's remixes done through his Decent Work For Decent Pay Collections in 2009. 

Get ready for an entirely different, listening experience with five, Diplo classics below. 

5. "Into The Sun" 

"Into The Sun" features some more, melodic BPMs, with added vocals, which landed this record as one out of 11 other tracks on Diplo's Florida album in 2004. This record tends to remind us of another oldie by the DJ and producer titled, Krunkepistomology, which was possibly the beginning of a tribal, more psychedelic phase? Who knows, but we're definitely feeling both records! 

4. "Big Lost"

Number four on out list is another hit from Diplo's Florida album. Maybe it’s just us, but this record flows like some of Pretty Lights' work, wouldn't you agree? 

3. "Amazon" M.I.A - Diplo Remix

Diplo and M.I.A have an impressive, and unforgettable history together. The two were known for creating edgy, more universal, dance records, that perhaps influenced the Mad Decent producer's reggae-inspired records he's known for today. The combination of Lil John’s “Freak A Leak,” and Ciara's "Goodies" lands "Amazon" at number three on our Diplo's oldies, but goodies list. 

2. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Remix

Coming in at number two, is an EDM favorite, which was originally done by the legends of dance music- Daft Punk. Leave it to Diplo to add some hip-swerving, re-works to really create a new, bouncy feel. The remix was done in 2009, for Diplo's Decent Work For Decent Pay collections. 

1. "Summer's Gonna Hurt You" 2010 Remix 

Diplo isn’t always thinking about crowd appealing,"twerk" music- the producer has always been trademarked for his versatility, and natural ability to add his signature sound into any song or remix. "Summer's Gonna Hurt You," was remixed in 2010, with the original track coming right off his Florida album. Bravo Diplo, you never cease to amaze us. 

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