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Beat Of The Week: Getter - 'Knives VIP' [Interview]

Getter's "Knives VIP" is a sneak attack of monstrous proportions. I simply can't shake the feeling of needing to execute a mass of people with a rusty knife throwing gas powered chainsaw while I listen to this track. But ultimately I'll have to settle for bobbing my head to the beat. You can tell that Getter was very into heavy breakdown infused metal bands for a big part of his life with the musical layout of this song, which gives it true value for anyone who is a fan of both worlds. Getter's signature sound has been crushing clubs across the planet, and "Knives VIP" is a perfect example of that sound. This is why I've decided to name this track the Beat Of The Week. Hit play on the track and learn more about Getter below.

(D = David Lee Crow of EDM.com; G = Getter)

D: What inspired the song Knives?

G: I love making tunes that are sequenced quickly and get straight to the point with fun samples. I was just making a normal tune an thought knives sounded cool because I have a sample of throwing knives in it.

D: What got you into producing? 

G: I had a lot of failed metal bands growing up. I loved making music and playing it. I just didn't really like the idea of having to rely on the bandmates. So I tried this out and loved it.

D: What are some of your influences? 

G: Specific influences are probably Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Trampa, and Laxx at the moment. But if I could just say who inspires me the most, it's new artists I find that kill it with unique shit.

D: Your sound is extremely guttural and crushing, is this an emulation of your inner thoughts or do you simply enjoy it? 

G: I love pushing sound design far; like I'll have one dope sound that sounds finished, but then I'll just keep pushing it until it sounds like shit, then go a few steps back and use it. So I guess I really enjoy creating dope sounds from scratch. As for layout and mood of my tunes, I just make what I think sounds gnarly and will kill a club.

D: You're barely turning 21 this year. How does it feel to have come so far in such a short amount of time? 

G: It's pretty dope. Especially because every time I go to a huge event and meet other artists I look up to they are just like, "WHAT I COULD BE YOUR DAD." I mean, I would say I'm super lucky to get where I have today—I am in certain instances—but I really did put all of my time and effort and thoughts to build what I have. I just had nothing better to do, so I focused all my energy on it. So I definitely worked very hard to get where I am.

D: Your very first headlining tour is coming up. Any surprises in store for us? 

G: Just some dope new merch, all exclusive tunes in my sets, genre hopping, mosh pitting, give aways, games, funny shit. I don't know, I'm kinda in full control for the first time, so I will make it dope.

D: I've noticed some rumors about a new sound and style that you've been creating. Can you tell us anything about that? 

G: Not too much I can dip into because it's all a big surprise, but you can definitely bet I am keeping my signature style....just sort of...tweaking it, really.

D: Are you at all worried about how your fans might respond? 

G: Honestly, yes. I already know most people will hate the shit I'm working on now. It's not big room or generic trap or anything, so I did not sell out. But there's definitely moments where I push the "Getter feel" of things, and you will definitely check the artist in your song list twice. I love my fans, but I can only please them so much. If I made the same thing over and over, I will hate it myself, thus stopping it. So I gotta branch out. Trust me, though—it's big.

D: Would you ever do an official remix of a #1 pop song? 

G: Of course! I would just make it gnarly as shit and make people who love the original hate me for doing it.

D: What is one of the most ridiculous things that has happened during one of your sets? 

G: Oh man, there was one show on the most recent Datsik tour I did where we didn't have ANY production for the show because the truck broke down. So we made it into a Firepower house party. We had everyone with drinks in the crowd hold them up and played beer pong. We served drinks at the bar, took requests, played random shit, and just had a blast! Also, it's what started my habit of jumping in the crowd myself and starting a mosh pit.

D: When you write music, do you have to be in a certain mode or can you simply create on autopilot? 

G: It varies, dude. I've been working on four tunes for about five months now that aren't close to ready. I just have different ideas here and there. Other times, like 2 days ago, I'll just bang out a dope tune in one day and it's done!

D: What's your favorite Mexican food? 

G: Fuckin' chicken torta for sure.

D: Any final words? 

G: Check out my Gnartillery Tour hitting your city in the next few months! Check my Facebook and Soundcloud, I may or may not have some super dope exclusive shit real soon and a new mix coming soon. New album, new tour, new merch, new friends, new jokes, new everything. stay tuned!

Article written by David Lee Crow

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