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Crews & Collectives: Bromance Records

“Crews & Collectives” is a new series on EDM.com that investigates and highlights the immeasurable number of labels, groups, and entities present within today’s vast electronic music scene. Each week we will pick one collective and research many of its achievements, distinguishing traits, and supporting artists so that you can learn as much as possible about the scene and culture within today’s EDM scene.

There are very few labels today that truly embody the powerful and culturally-driven sounds of France’s club scene like Bromance Records. In its mere three years of existence, Bromance Records has pushed itself to the forefront of France’s burgeoning EDM culture and beyond, right to the center of today’s bustling acid house, techno, and nu-disco scenes. Incepted in the winter of 2011 by DJ/producer Brodinski and his manager Manu Barron, Bromance Records was created to promote the growing sound of France’s underground club scene and to properly enjoy the “fruits of its labors” with parties, raves, and other music-focused gatherings.

Today, with a roster consisting of only 11 signed artists and six collaborating artists, it's safe to say that Bromance Records strives for the highest quality in their releases and talent, rather than the sheer quantity of their label’s work. Headlining acts within the label include its founder Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval, LOUISAHHH!!!, and a handful of other French DJs and producers, all with a similar goal. Their mission? To preserve and reinterpret their homeland’s unique style of house, techno, and dark club music.

Bromance Records’s full list of resident and supporting acts include Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, LOUISAHHH!!!, Club Cheval, Monsieur Monsieur, G. Vump, Illangelo, Ateph Elidja, Little Mike, and B.A.G.A.R.R.E, along with collaborations featuring Danny Brown, Kaytranada, and Jacques Lu Cont. Bromance-certified artists have made appearances in festivals all over the world, from U.S.-based festivals Ultra and Hangout, to European festivals such as Sonar and Future (Brisbane). The French label will be hitting the United States later this spring for their Bromance Tour, hitting more than 10 cities in 8 states.

From his deep and mesmerizing acid-synth melodies to his bludgeoning bass lines and heavy drum patterns, Brodinski has truly fathered the “nu-age techno” sound, taking the genre to an unprecedented direction while continuously incorporating many modern-day themes not previously found within the sound’s culture. Taking influences from electro, disco, deep house, techno, hip-hop and rap, there is no boundary Brodinski will not cross. One example of Brodinski’s versatility is within his collaboration with LOUISAHHH!!! called “Nobody Runs These Streets.” Halfway through the song there is a significant breakdown to the track’s dark and kick-driven techno melody, resembling a section of a “trapstyle” song most popularly found in the United States today.

Brodinski’s partner in crime, Mike Lévy aka Gesaffelstein, has become Bromance Records biggest act to date. Launching himself into the scene with his Variations release in 2010, label-owner Brodinski heard the young producer's work and instantly became infatuated with his sound, as he exhibited a style similar to that of techno legends Hacker and Green Velvet. However it wasn’t until 2011 that Gesaffelstein began to enter the limelight, as his debut single “Control Movement” on Bromance Records saw an overwhelming amount of play and support from not only French artists, but artists abroad as well. In 2013, Gesaffelstein not only released his debut album Aleph, a project that took two years to perfect before hitting shelves worldwide, but was also featured as a producer to numerous tracks on Kanye West’s platinum-selling album Yeezus, one of which being one of the album's singles, “Black Skinhead.”

Other label-supporting acts such as Club Cheval, LOUISAHHH!!!, and Monsieur Monsieur have also seen a lot of critical acclaim for their catalogue of releases. Club Cheval and its members Panteros666, Sam Tiba, Canblaster, and Myd have all been featured on Mixmag, BBC1 Radio, Boiler Room, and many other popular mix-centric platforms.

Today’s “queen of techno” LOUISAHHH!!! is just as catchy as her name appears. She is regularly featured as a producer and vocalist on a growing list of records and releases within France and beyond. Her latest collaborative EP with Maelstrom was released on Bromance a mere month ago. Monsieur Monsieur, one of the most highly-spoken members of the French label, is steadily making strides through the club’s darker techno and electro scenes with their self-titled EP Monsieur Monsieur.

With a quickly growing fanbase all around the world and an unhindered lust for diversity and stability, Brodinski and his “fraternity” of brothers (and sister) within Bromance Records have aggressively invaded the EDM culture. With a powerful, unprecedented sound and a militia of class acts such as Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval, LOUISAHHH!!!, and Monsieur Monsieur to support, we can surely expect French techno and acid house to become more prevalent in the club scenes this year and beyond.

Article written by Shane O'Neil

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