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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Takes Over Barcelona

Skrillex brought his Takeover concept to Barcelona, Spain at the end of February, and overjoyed Spaniards packed each of the four shows. Skrillex's short-lived residency in Barcelona was the fourth time he had taken over a city in 2014. Previously, he took over San FranciscoBrooklyn, and Amsterdam. DJ Snake, Alvin Risk, KOAN Sound, and Alvin Risk were some of the producers who opened up for Skrillex in Barcelona.

Each time Skrillex took over a city, Glenjamn was right beside him to film the madness. Yet again, Glenjamn has put together a fantastic video recap of what took place. In addition to capturing the insanity that occurs during Skrillex's sets, Glenjamn always documents the hilarious moments that happen behind the scenes. 

One highlight of the Barcelona recap is the way it ended. I don't want to completely spoil it for you, but this recap ends the same way that Skrillex ended his Jack U set at Ultra. See it for yourself below.

[H/T: Nest HQ]

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