EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

'Cloud Comments of the Week: Vol. 4

These comments are built with heart, soul, and Cheeto-dusted fingertips.

With 30 million plays per month, the EDM Network’s wide range of SoundCloud accounts see a lot of character. Each week we pick out the hilarious, unknowingly brilliant, or otherwise golden comments of our listeners to amplify their comedy. Party on.

Don't try to fight the feeling.

Let's face it, once a smile and a two-step kick in there's no turning back.

Gettin' Slinky with it.

I won't even ask for the story behind that comment.

To the contrary, dear Watson.

Ironically, big room has no space for haters.

Big expectations.

New goal: Make life a giant bass drop.

The true universal language is a killer beat.

Translation: That's why I love Soundcloud. Translation: This song kicks ass.

Music to a musicians ears. Do you believe in Rob?

All in a days work.

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