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John Dahlback & Benny Benassi Release 'Blink Again' & EDM.com Mix [Interview]

In 2007, John Dahlback released “Blink,” one of his most successful songs. It left such a lasting impression on Dahlback that he recently decided to produce an updated version. He teamed up with Benny Benassi on the rework of the track, which they titled "Blink Again." The song was released on Friday, April 18, and it is a worthy successor to the original.

Dahlback explained to EDM.com why he enlisted Benassi for the track: “To be honest, 'Blink' was super influenced by 'Satisfaction,' so who would do a better work on it than Benny? Plus he's an amazing person, so I was honored when he agreed to do it.” Benassi had glowing comments about Dahlback as well. Benassi says, “John is such a talented artist; it has been a pleasure to work with him.”

The original “Blink” is a very good song, but the past seven years have aged the track a bit. Dahlback says, “I just thought it was such a long time ago since it came out, and that it's not the same crowd anymore. It's such a big track for me, and I just wanted to polish it up a little bit.” Benassi's description of “Blink Again” is short and sweet. He says, “It’s a Benassified take on the original.” 

Overall, "Blink Again" is an effective update on the original version, as the added elements make it possible for DJs to play out at festivals and clubs. 

To celebrate the release of “Blink Again,” Dahlback and Benassi have put together an exclusive mix for EDM.com. The mix kicks off with "Blink Again" before Dahlback takes over on the song selection. Dahlback says, "I basically just chose some of my favorites of the stuff I've done lately. Some unreleased and some oldies. Actually just one oldie, and it's not even that old."

About halfway through, "Blink Again" is played a second time, and Benassi takes over on DJ duty. Benassi told us, "It's a combination of tracks which I am playing out in clubs at the moment and tracks from my radio show."

If you want to listen to "Blink Again" on its own, press play below. 

Purchase "Blink Again" on Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1mq99fP

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