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Fourward Provides Details On Their Debut EP [Exclusive Interview]

We sat down with Fourward to discuss their new 'Countdown' EP and more.

Fourward is the newest name on a long list of popular drum & bass acts to emerge from Austria. The fresh-faced foursome had been working feverishly to compile their debut EP, which was officially released on Shogun Audio last week. Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to catch up with the guys from Fourward and ask them a couple of questions. Check out what they had to say below, as well as previewing their heavy-hitting Countdown EP.

(EDM = Barrett Nelson of EDM.com; F = Fourward)

EDM: How did the four of you meet each other? How did Fourward come into existence?

F : We have all known each other for about 15 years now, from checking out local skate spots and from parties. Over the years DnB just became our biggest mutual passion, and one day in 2007 we decided to start working on beats together. Getting tunes signed to labels was never really part of our plan, or our goal, we just did it for fun.

EDM: Being in a musical group with four people seems like it could lead to some conflicting opinions. What enables all four of you to work so well together? Is there ever any contention?

F : When you have 4 people that are very good friends with each other and working on a project like Fourward, conflict is part of everyday business. For every little detail there are 4 (often different) opinions before our tune even leaves our computer and gets sent to the label. You sometimes just have to take a step back and let the other guys decide, and we are used to that. Tensions don’t have to be negative though, in the end they usually lead to something good and creative.

EDM: You just released your new Countdown EP. Can you give us some thoughts on the process of constructing this production?

F : The EP was put together as we always do it. Our concept is, not to have one in the first place, we always start by just making some loops/gathering some ideas. After a while it always feels like everything falls into place, if we just give it a little time. A good EP for us always features a few different flavours, but we don't plan our tunes before making them, we just wait until we have the right ideas/the right loops and when we feel the time is right, then that's the point where we start putting them together to one big project.

EDM: The hype for the EP has been pretty unreal! What does it feel like to hear so many musicians and fans speak so highly of your music?

F : Unreal is the best word to describe it for us to be honest. Reading positive comments on our music, from both the fans, but also from people we look up to as musicians and producers ourselves, it means everything to us. There is no better fuel for being creative than getting positive reactions on what you love doing.

EDM: Are there any producers out there who you are trying to collaborate with? Are there any bits already in the works with other artists in Drum & Bass?

F : We got a few collaborations going at the moment. We don't want to spoil any surprises for now, though. We also have a few people we'd really like to work with in the future but let's see what happens. Collaborations for us are always best when they happen naturally without too much planning.

EDM: With so many big names coming out of Austria, it would seem like Drum & Bass has a strong presence there. Tell us a little about what the scene is like.

F : The Austrian DnB scene is definitely very, very strong at the moment. Very good parties pretty much every weekend with well-established producers like Camo & Krooked or Mefjus, plus a lot of good up-and-coming producers that are ready to be discovered as well. Don't think the DnB world will get rid of us anytime soon, haha.

EDM: Do you plan on touring in the states anytime soon?

F : At the moment there are no U.S. dates confirmed, but we do hope to be back over the pond as soon as possible. We played a couple of shows in Canada last year and it was amazing. Next time though, USA!

EDM: What does the future hold for Fourward? Is there any other big news on the horizon?

F : We're already working on a lot of new projects at the moment. We don't have a real plan for what's next, but we are definitely going to start working on our first album for Shogun Audio very soon.

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