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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 7

Who will make this week's lineup? Only one way to find out.

Hello, dubstep nation! How are we all doing today? I hope that you’re feeling frisky for our next chapter of 5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week, because Volume 7 is overloaded with beastly bass tunes! Most of the songs below are available for free download, so I expect you guys to show these producers some serious love. They put tons of hard work into making these gnarly drops and all they ask in return is for a little appreciation. Well, I think we can definitely help out with that.

5. p0gman - You Cant Handle This

Truth be told, p0gman released two tracks this past week that both could’ve easily found their way on to our list. “Blunt” was handed out as a special treat for his 4/20-friendly followers, and “You Cant Handle This,” also a free download, had already been boomeranging around the inside of my speakers for the few days prior. After much deliberation, the latter tune settled nicely into this week’s #5 slot. If waves upon waves of super sturdy wobbles are what you seek, then you’re about to be in dubstep heaven. Each drop is equally as menacing, and if you even so much as turn your back on this sinister song for a split second, you’re done for! It’ll tear you to shred+s! In a fast-moving EDM world, p0gman proves once again that slow and steady can always win the race.

4. Point.blank - Get Down

Wow! As if I needed another reason to get even more excited about Point.blank’s forthcoming Get Down EP, now Buygore has been sharing the full-length versions of the bangers from his promising release (Due out April 29th). Last week alone, the public gained access to three of these preciously unheard productions. And while it was no easy decision for me to choose one over the others, “Get Down” eventually rose to the top of the ranks. The commanding title track presents us with an ideal blend of screeching synths and brutal bass. Prepare to have your eardrums defiled! The first drop paralyzes you from the waist down, but the second leaves you lying in a hospital bed completely motionless. This is all considered standard procedure when it comes to new Point.blank; you should know that by now.

3. Corporate - Forward

I’d like y’all to welcome this newcomer with open arms. Thanks guys, you’re the best! Corporate recently burst onto the EDM scene with his piping-hot Culture Shock EP, and I for one, cannot stop raving about this impressive feat of musical madness. While “Forward” might not consist of our filthiest drops of the week, they are undoubtedly some of the most unique. Admirers of artists like Dr. Ozi & Tisoki will quickly find themselves utterly enamored with this X-rated dubstep tune. Seriously, this song is dirtier than an oil-soaked rag! It’s more toxic than a drum of nuclear waste! Heck, it’s stinkier than a 15-year-old stray dog that’s never been bathed! I think you get the point. Either get with the program, or get the f*ck out of the way!

2. LUMBERJVCK - Night Terrors

LUMBERJVCK is a name that I’m sure many of you are shocked to see on this countdown. Having said that, if I were to neglect “Night Terrors,” I’d be making one of the biggest mistakes in the short history of this segment. This humongous song clearly has it all! Deafening bass? Plenty of it! Raucous rhythms? You bet! And how about some superior synth work to top it all off? Yes sir! Additionally, sleep experts are claiming that you’re likely to experience terrifying nightmares about this intimidating track for the coming months. If the first drop doesn’t leave you quivering under your bed sheets, the second will force you to scurry underneath your bed frame! Be careful, dubstep this ridiculously disgusting has the potential to scar you for life.

1. Datsik (Ft. Messinian) - Automatik (Rekoil Remix)

No he didn’t! This has to be some kind of charade, because if Rekoil actually remixed Datsik & Messinian’s “Automatik,” then you’re all in for an extremely rude awakening! Let’s pretend for a second that the original version of this tune wasn’t already notoriously nasty, can you even begin to imagine how it would sound after a Rekoil revamp? Yeah, didn’t think so. These new drops are straight contaminated! Make sure to maintain a safe distance from them at all times, otherwise you might be a goner. To put it simply, this producer is a boss when it comes to boisterous bass music. Stroll on over to Rekoil’s Facebook for that free download. You know you want it.

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