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EDM.com Spotlight

#SELFIE Gets A Summer Makeover In New Music Video

THUMP gives #SELFIE a new video from the streets of Miami

The Chainsmokers and THUMP took to the streets of Miami during Miami Music Week to revamp the duo's number 1 hit song "#SELFIE."  The video features some of your favorite producers, including Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero, Dyro, and Dave Nada.  Ashley Sky, Trinity Dang, Lafayette Bless, and many beautiful women from Miami also star in the video. "#SELFIE" has become a phenomenon, with nearly 80 million views on YouTube and its fair share of lovers and haters. However, there's no denying that this video shows just how much some people love to take selfies.

Watch the video, shot by Definate Films, below.

Creative Director: Sean Miyashiro
Production Company: Definate Films
Director: James Defina
Producer: Ashima Aiyer
Creative: Tamara Sangdow
Videographer: Anthony Dimieri 
Photography: Matthew Enbar & Chris Lazzaro

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