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EDM.com Spotlight

Trance Thursday: Vol. 2


Progressive Track of the Week

Celauro – Antidote

Get ready to throw away any preconceptions you have about trance being melodic, relaxing, peaceful, or just plain cheesy, because this song smashes them all to pieces. Instead of rolling basslines, there’s raw, distorted synths throughout, a pounding kick that takes no prisoners, and an energy level that shoots through the roof. “Antidote” is proof that trance music can be as raw as it can be melodic, and is a perfect song to introduce fans of electro house and dubstep to it.

Tech Track of the Week

Allen & Envy and Sarah Lynn – Save Your Last Breath (Matt Bukovski Remix)
[@allenandenvy @mattbukovski]

Soaring vocals and screaming synths are the name of the game here. Matt Bukovski took a regular uplifting track and gave it a tech-trance drop to blow minds, and when tied together with Sarah Lynn’s incredible singing, the effect is profound: this is exactly the kind of track that will set bombs off when played at peak times during sets.

Uplifting Track of the Week

Emanuele Congeddu & Hiroki Nagamine – Namida

Namida is an uplifting track takes everything great about classic trance music – the melodies, the emotion – and modern trance music, strips away all the cheese, and delivers nothing but heavenly sounds. It takes you away to another place for its seven minutes and 47 seconds of runtime while destroying any negative thoughts you may have in the process. This is the sound of salvation.

Cover photo credit: RUDGR.com

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