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EDM.com Spotlight

When Will The EDM Movement Jump The Shark? That's Up To You!

It takes a lot to kill a movement…

Lots of careless tinkering and witless fabrication goes into it. It requires an entire culture to be misappropriated for clearly transparent purposes. Motives must be laid bare, without the semblance of a fuck being given.

The final nail in the coffin : Get the ones people trust to play along. The current takeover of music must be validated by the musicians themselves. That part is not so easy. Artists are principled (if not pretentious). Obtaining their cooperation required the collapse of the entire industry, so that the only opportunities available are ones like this. Hell has truly frozen over, and prospects are scarce.

All musicians face the dichotomy of wanting to reach the heights of our profession without “selling out.” Who wouldn’t appreciate being in front of thousands of cheering fans? Once you’ve had a taste, it’s pretty hard to resist. This is why the underground is absolutely vital. For EDM, it’s the Global Bass scene

The underground is where the innovation takes place; art for art’s sake, not beholden to those with the treasure chests. There is a certain nobility in that, yet there is no virtue in poverty. So we take careful steps, hoping for that brush with the mainstream which puts food on the table without ruining us. For the most part though, the fight has all gone out of the musicians. Right now, all music (especially EDM) is an ad executive’s bitch. It’s up to the fans to save it. Karma has seen fit to provide hope still. Many fans have a desire to be musicians themselves. That small fact just might balance the scales. 

Oh, NOW you have something to say... Hipster trash bullies jumping on Avril (instead of her record label) for this utterly contemptible disaster. This has “out-of-touch-music-exec-calling-the-artistic-shots” written all over it.

When I talk about fans becoming more aware, it is sometimes met with heavy scrutiny and derision. I understand that response, because it is a direct challenge. I’ve always said: By making sense it is much easier to offend some people than if you were to just insult them. There are those who believe a 100% corporate-curated experience is the best thing going. Then again there are those who believe fast food will provide you with a lifetime of healthy nutrition. 

I want to formally introduce myself as MC ZULU. Ask around if you don’t know who you are dealing with. I really appreciate The EDM Network giving me the platform and I will use my powers for good; so this is not me telling you how to live. Oligarchs do that. I’m telling you how to survive.

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Written by MC Zulu.

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