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Miami City Commission Votes To Keep Ultra Music Festival

The Miami City Commission voted 4-1 in favor of keeping Ultra Music Festival in Bayfront Park. The one dissenting vote came from Marc Sarnoff, who notably put together a video of Ultra's lowlights in an attempt to sway the commission.

According to WSVN Channel 7 News, officials voted to keep Ultra in Miami based on the following conditions: 

  • Ultra will replace private security with police security at the event.
  • A number will be provided for downtown residents to call if they need to report any problems.
  • There will be a zero drug, lewd and lascivious behavior policy that Ultra has agreed to make very public for its attendees.
  • Drug counseling stations will be set-up throughout the event.

Brian May, one of Ultra's lobbyists, said, "Everything that they have asked for are things that will actually really help the event be more secure and more safe for our patrons, for the public and for our vendors and staff, so we view that all as a positive step forward, and we're more than willing to comply and happy to do so."

However, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado took this opportunity to voice his clear displeasure with Ultra. He said, "This is a Band-Aid on a serious injury. I didn't see anything from the Ultra nor the will of the city commission to demand more actions to protect the residents and to protect the party-goers, to protect the workers in Downtown."  

To help improve the safety of the festival, Ultra will be bringing on Ray Martinez as their head of security. Martinez is the outgoing Miami Beach Police Chief. He said, " "I feel 100 percent confident that we will do everything needed to make sure that this is a safe event."

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