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The Faces Of House & Bass

Since the inception of the UK club scene, artists have continuously found a way to dive into the gray area between house and garage to create a unique and bass-heavy hybrid called “House & Bass.” Coined by the producers behind this movement, the term “House & Bass” describes a sound filled with wobbles, breaks, jackin’ drum lines, and catchy vocal patterns. Combining elements of jackin’ house, bassline, garage, and drum & bass, the synthesis of these sounds have been cultivating a movement in both the U.K. and U.S. since the early 2000s. Now, thanks to a burgeoning group of young and talented artists from around the world, the sound is bigger and stronger than ever, taking new directions with each new release. To get a taste of what this quickly-spreading movement has to offer, here are five of today’s best acts within the House & Bass scene.

Jack Beats

Consisting of DMC champion DJ Plus One and Beni G, Jack Beats has been at the forefront of the jackin’ house movement since the duo’s inception in 2007. From their remixes of AC Slater, Fake Blood, A-Trak, and Major Lazer to their numerous EP releases, including All Night, Somebody to Love, Careless, and their latest Beatbox, this dynamic duo has driven the bouncy and wobbly sound of house & bass into the hearts of both U.S. and British house scenes alike. Today, with their current residency on OWSLA Records and success of their latest release, Jack Beats will undoubtedly continue to head the bassier side of house music in the years to come.

AC Slater

Aaron Clevenger aka AC Slater has been called the “King Of Heavy-Bass House in America” for years, and a quick listen through his track collection (he’s well past 100 releases) will give you insight as to how this nickname came to be. From his early relationship with fellow bass maniacs Jack Beats, to his personal work on the infamous Trouble & Bass Records, to the fruition of his own record label Party Like Us, AC Slater has lead a truly inspiring career within America’s house scene and continues to amaze us with each new release. His newest EP, Back to the Floor, recently dropped for free via Skrillex’s Nest HQ, is some of his best work to date and it has undoubtedly secured AC into the reputable position he holds today.

Cause & Affect (Chris Lorenzo & Kane)

Underground house legends Chris Lorenzo and Kane have successfully combined a seemingly endless number of genres into their creative take on “house & bass.” Based out of Birmingham, this duo’s roots go deep into the U.K.’s illustrious house and drum & bass scenes, taking elements of breaks, dub, tech, and electro and blending them all into the unique sound they create today. With performances at countless clubs, shows, and festivals, we can expect these two to continue breaking down barriers and continue pushing Cause & Affect’s sound.

Taiki & Nulight

Despite splitting ways to pursue solo careers, both Ongaku (now performing as Taiki & Nulight) and Secondcity have become prominent artists within the house & bass scene this past year. Within Taiki & Nulight’s pioneering sound, you can find elements of garage, dubstep, drum & bass, and jackin’ house in each new release. His upcoming EP, It Ain’t Even About The Dough, (dropping via Cheap Thrills on April 28th) is all we can look forward to as this talented producer builds his sound. Secondcity, the once-other half of Taiki & Nulight, has now proven to be quite the one-man act, with numerous releases via Ministry of Sound, Defected Records, and Dirtybird under his belt. His latest collaboration with Tucker Rowe called “I Enter” was recently featured on Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird BBQ compilation EP, and we can comfortably say the single’s dark and bouncy vibes are exactly where this scene is headed as the year plays out.

My Nu Leng 

Longtime friends of Taiki & Nulight, the brothers from another mother My Nu Leng have led equally impressive careers in their mere four years of production and performances. Currently residing on Black Butter Records, their history of releases is astounding, with regular mix features on BBC1 Radio, Red Bull, and Rinse FM, as well as a handful of single releases on Mixmag, 877 Records, and their local Black Butter Records. Their latest EP Mastermind has already seen an incredible amount of play thus far, and we could not be more excited for whatever else these producers have to come.

Article written by Shane O'Neil

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