EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Jeff Sontag's New EP Tells An Intriguing Story

Jeff Sontag released his 4.22 EP today. What brought the EP to EDM.com's attention was Sontag's innovative approach to his creative process. I could try to explain it, but it wouldn't do the talented producer/vocalist justice. Instead, I'll allow Sontag to articulate how 4.22 was conceived.

"It’s inspired by this girl.  We met at a club one night and everything about her was incredible: the looks she threw me, the way she moved – just perfect.  We went back to my place and after a few hours we found ourselves lying in this post-passionate haze, smoking a joint, and just soaking up each other.  We stayed awake sharing stories from our past and talking existentially until the sun rose and cars started driving by outside.  By the time we finally fell asleep I was floating in this insane inner calm.

The next day I locked myself in my room and started to draft this EP. The continuous mix is arranged to emotionally and psychically follow the events of that night. I even revisited Sound—the LA club where we met—to record my own samples and really flesh out the ambient vibe.  The morning marked the end of our relationship.  It seemed enough to let the experience we shared leave its mark and then slip away."

EDM.com was so impressed with Sontag's new EP that we decided to feature one of the tracks, "I Know," as an exclusive. The deep house track features a hypnotic instrumental with Sontag's vocals laid on top. "I Know" embodies the type of music you would typically hear while at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles.

To get a true feeling of what Sontag went through during his night at Sound Nightclub, it would be best to listen to the continuous mix of 4.22. Listening to the EP from start to finish makes you feel like you're actually in Sontag's shoes. There are many emotions you would go through from the time you get to a nightclub, to meeting a girl, and falling asleep following hours of existential conversation...All of those emotions have been bottled up and let loose on this awe-inspiring EP. Jeff Sontag is a true talent, and it will be interesting to see how he follows up the insanely creative 4.22. 

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