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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 8

Volume 8 has got us feeling pretty great! With what many may consider to be one of our deepest selections of dirty drops so far, there’s something for everyone on this latest installment. The majority of the producers on this week’s segment are burgeoning dubstep superstars, so you’ll want to make it a point to familiarize yourself with all of them. You better have your rage face ready, because you’re going to need it now more than ever.

5. Code: Pandorum - God Complex

This could very well be one of the most evil tracks to ever make it to our esteemed list. For German producer Sven Selka, aka Code: Pandorum, making death-dealing dubstep tunes is all in a day’s work. His vicious brand of bass music has been known to make mountains crumble and skyscrapers collapse! “God Complex” just so happens to be the latest victim in a long line of traumatizing bangers to emerge from this musician’s lair. Opening with some brilliant orchestral work, when that first drop even so much as grazes your eardrums, your body is immediately deprived of all motor control. As you lie on the floor spasming uncontrollably, your life flashes briefly before your eyes. Bottom line: if you can’t handle pure filth, then stay the f*ck out of Code: Pandorum’s way.

4. Tucker Kreway - Alone

Coming in at our #4 spot is a 15-year-old phenom who has taken the dubstep world by storm during the past few months. Tucker Kreway put out what was by far my favorite release from last week. However, just because “Alone” was the song I enjoyed the most, that doesn’t mean that it featured the dirtiest drops. Then again, if this tune didn’t locate a comfortable place to rest its head on this week’s countdown, I’d be shooting myself (as well as all of you wonderful people) right in the foot! For those of you who love to lose your sh*t over top-notch synth work and first-rate sound design, then this is the ultimate banger to do it to. You might notice that each of the drops are identical, but please don’t let that detour you from enjoy this incredibly dirty production.

3. Diamond Eyes - Rivers

If I had to choose one word to describe our eighth installment, it would be “stacked.” Seriously, from front to back, top to bottom, and side to side, these are some of the nastier drops that I’ve ever had the pleasure of raging to. How “Rivers” from Diamond Eyes came in at #3, I don’t even know. Part of me still can’t help but feel an insane amount of guilt for not ranking this dominant dubstep track higher. In fact, this producer had a few smash hits (including “Night Life” & “A Thousand Years”) from his recently released Night Life EP that nearly made the final cut for Vol. 8’s deep roster. Oh well, looks like this bass-laden lubber has to serve as their lone representative. On top of providing the passionate vocals, this producer delivers a pair of drops that will completely bust your chops! Watch out, they’ll knock the wind out of ya!

2. Unnatural Forces - Slam (TrollPhace Remix)

I wonder if 2014 has gone exactly as TrollPhace planned? I doubt it, because the amount of praise that this producer has received is unprecedented for artists that dabble in dubstep this dirty. Shortly after Skrillex mentioned TrollPhace (and Dubloadz) in his Reddit AMA, the collective EDM universe quickly flocked to their Facebook & SoundCloud pages. Earlier last week, Mr. Phace gave out a cleaned-up version of the popular “Headshot Season,” but it was his free remix of Unnatural Forces’ “Slam” that really resonated with us the most. This is that type of dubstep grime that gets you leaning like a gangsta, mean muggin’ like a madman, and bouncing around more than a six-four equipped with hydraulics! For real, though, both of these untidy drops will have you breaking out the delousing powder. You might want to go run a bath.

1. Twine - Say Somethin'

Some sick and twisted part of me wanted this entire list to consist of all Twine tunes this week. Is that wrong? I mean, The Absolute EP was a five-track release, this is a week-to-week five-track segment, and I don’t know, it seemed like it might have been fate. But let’s be honest, we all knew that wasn’t a very realistic scenario. Keeping that in mind, I started rigorously eliminating names from the competition. With “Thrittene” and “Corrupt” first to go, it left us with a head-to-head battle between “Say Somethin’” & “F*ck You.” The former won out, but just barely. Trust me when I tell you that the latter song features the type of bass that will literally eat your face off! But you know how this program works, we always seek out the dirtiest drops, and “Say Somethin’” has two of the scummiest drops to date. Twine is taking over the dubstep game! 

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