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EDM.com Spotlight

A-Trak Reveals His True Colors In Hilarious Reddit AMA

Get to know A-Trak...

A-Trak, is known for killing it on the turntables. The talented artist has also been successful in running his own label, Fools GoldLately, he’s been on fire, as Duck Sauce's mind-blowing Quack album was finally released. For fans who want to know more about the legendary A-Trak, he recently took to reddit to conduct an AMA. He revealed information about his hilarious style and passion for the music. 

Get to know how A-Trak began scratching and what exactly got him into electronic music in the first place. Plus, learn more about his history with Kanye West, desired collabs, and thoughts on the hot topic of ghost producing. EDM.com broke down A-Trak's top responses below.

AMAs are a great way to learn more about an artist's personality and overall vision. It's a tool many producers are using to their advantage. A-Trak showed his fans that he has a personable and relatable attitude. As long as you remain focused on your craft and have an endless supply of shortbread cookies, maybe you can reach A-Trak's level of success one day.

Let us know your favorite response in the comments below and check out the full AMA via reddit.

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