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Avicii Collaborates With Coldplay On 'A Sky Full Of Stars'

Thanks to the endless remixes of their Jon Hopkins-produced single, "Midnight," Coldplay has been quite popular in the EDM community to start off 2014. The band's following among EDM fans looks like it will continue to grow, as their newest single, "A Sky Full Of Stars," is co-produced by Avicii. Coldplay's new single shows they are completely on board with the growing popularity of dance music. "A Sky Full Of Stars" is Coldplay's second single off their upcoming album, Ghost Stories.

The combination of Avicii's production style with Chris Martin's voice actually works well. Avicii's recognizable piano buildup and progressive chords are a fantastic backdrop for Martin's vocals. However, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise to music fans. Martin's voice has been utilized on many dance remixes, and the vocals always seem to fit perfectly.

What won't be a surprise is that some dance music fans will be disappointed that house music is further infiltrating the mainstream. If you hold that belief, please remember that you will always have your underground dance music to listen to. This collaboration between Avicii and Coldplay does not change that one bit.

Ghost Stories will be released on May 16, 2014. It is Coldplay's sixth studio album.

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