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EDM.com Spotlight

Beat Of The Week: Jauz & Sullivan King - 'Pure Evil'

"Pure Evil" is a mind-melting horror movie depicted inside of the imagination of your mental movie theater. After an almost vintage acid vibe introduction, you're thrown into a realm of darkness and monstrosity. As you enter this nether realm that Jauz and Sullivan King created, you begin to find yourself being swallowed into a gargantuan monster of plucks and crunching synths. The energy driven track has been smashing clubs globally since its release on Buygore and has paved a very steady path to success for these two young producers. So beware of when you hear the words "Pure Evil" sneak up on you because it is the final warning before your mind explodes with a bass-filled catapult into the belly of the beast. 

Hit play on "Pure Evil" below and read EDM.com's interview with Jauz and Sullivan King.

(D = David Lee Crow of EDM.com; J = Jauz; S = Sullivan King)

D:  How did you guys meet?

J: We met at Icon Collective [an electronic music production school]. Sullivan King had hardly even produced when we first met but he learned quickly and blew past me and started putting out these crazy things as far as production goes. 

S: I actually knew Jauz before back when he was known as 'Kid Ranger,' so it was really awesome to have crossed paths with him. 

D: What inspired "Pure Evil"?

J: It happened totally out of the blue. We just put it together in about two hours.

S: When he opened up the file, it was nothing but some raps and percussion. Then we mixed it down in about an hour and that was that!

D: So how was the effort split on the track?

J: Honestly, it was a total 50/50 as far as effort is concerned. 

S: Yeah, when he [Jauz] hit me up, I had totally forgotten about the track. Then he told me, "Hey, I sent this to Buygore, and they're signing it!" I was like, okay.. that works! 

D - What are your top 3 inspirations?

S: Eddie Van Halen, Avenged Sevenfold, and Skrillex.

J: Metallica, Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk, and I have to say Excision too, because if it wasn't for Swagga, I might not even be into this music.  

D: So how was the work divided when you were collaborating?

S: Well, we literally fought over the keyboard back and forth like "I have this idea, wait, wait, wait!" and "No let me put this idea in, no, no, no!"

J: Yeah it's almost like we were arguing the whole time.

D: Huh, I like that. You both have ideas consistently flowing. It's not one person having to drive while the other takes the passenger seat and puts his feet out the window. Now that you both have released this track a lot of your fans will be very dub based and expecting you to drop some heavy sounds. Do you plan on changing your styles ever?

J: My goal is to continually catch my fans off guard with a little bit of everything from deep house to garage but since this Buygore signing it definitely inspires me to create a lot more heavy music. 

S: I still feel like I have a lot of stuff with very unique styles that people haven't heard, but when it comes out, I think it will still have my signature sound to it.

D: I feel it, it's cool when an artist can hone in on a certain style and just murder it but true artistry can be expressed in the ability to go outside of that. Where did the sample of the voice saying "Pure Evil" come from?

S: We found it in a sample pack that took forever to find the origin of because the label needed to know where it came from. Before we had "pure evil' in the drop, it was Adam from Workaholics saying "I showed that kid my penis"

J: It did not make sense at all. You'd be like, "Dope, dope, dope build-up!" Then you were like, "What the fuck was that?"

D: What's your favorite Mexican food?

J: Carne Asada fries. Not very Mexican, but I love it.

S: A nice fat wet cheesy burrito.

D: I love that you guys incorporate the big room pluck and refreshed the vibe of it.

S: Yeah, it was just a lot off tempo and percussion changes.

J: Yeah we classify it as "Big Hard Step" *laughs*

D: What are your favorite 90s cartoons?

J: Honestly, I don't care if this goes on EDM.com, but if Pokemon were real, I would quit music and become a trainer. 

S: Oh derp, I like it too! Yep.

D: Any last words?

J : Thank you EDM.com, thank you based god, now I need to touch myself.

S: Thanks EDM.com. Be sure to keep up with us and check our SoundCloud and Facebook pages!

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