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Man Falls Through Ceiling At DJ Snake Show

Last night, Twitter was ablaze with tweets about DJ Snake's show at the Roxy in Orlando being shut down early. Apparently, a man fell through the ceiling, but EDM.com wanted to wait for confirmation from a reputable news outlet before we reported the story. We have now received confirmation from Click Orlando (WKMG Channel 6) that a man fell through the drop ceiling and might have broken both of his legs. The fall was 17 feet. From all accounts, it sounds like the scene was pulled from DJ Snake's ridiculous "Turn Down For What" music video. 

The hole in the drop ceiling coupled with the medical emergency led to the show being shut down early. DJ Snake was not happy with this result.

From what can be gathered on Twitter, it sounds like the Orlando Police possibly made the situation even worse for the unhappy crowd. Kennedy Jones was taking pictures with fans while the crowd was prematurely leaving the club, and the police did not like it. 

However, we cannot place the blame on the Orlando Police for the way the night ended. This would have never happened if that inconsiderate man never climbed to the drop ceiling and fallen through. He ruined everyone's night by being selfish. Please party responsibly, and do not take advice from the "Turn Down For What" video.

[H/T: Click Orlando]

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