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EDM.com Spotlight

Fred V & Grafix Put Their New 'Recognise' LP On Display

Fred V & Grafix are single-handedly taking drum & bass to the next level.

I’m about to provide you with the ultimate drum & bass soundtrack to accompany your upcoming weekend. For those of you folks out there who have not yet heard the priceless productions of Fred V & Grafix, the Recognise LP is about to change your life. I’m not embellishing one bit. Released earlier in the week by the highly acclaimed Hospital Records, the duo’s first full-length album has turned them into one of DnB’s most coveted contributors overnight.  

Starting from square one, “Hydra” leads things off more effectively than Rickey Henderson. An elaborate introduction reluctantly gives way to a dominant lead synth that just won’t quit. The soft touch of “Maverick Souls” provides an excellent follow-up, allowing your eardrums to fully recuperate before jumping into the breathtaking title track. As “Shine” gets underway, I feel like I should be blasting this undeniably uplifting composition as I cruise through a hilly, sun-soaked countryside with my car windows down. Anyone else feel like they don’t have a care in the world right now?

Moving deeper into the album, previously publicized tracks like “Major Happy,” “Catch My Breath,” & “Forest Fires” may actually sound familiar to some of you. Sitting at the opposite end of the spectrum, “Let Your Guard Down,” “Sick of All Your Secrets,” & “Better Times Are Coming” exude a drastically different vibe than the duo’s conventional productions. Even you drum & bass naysayers should be able to find something to appreciate! “Bladerunner,” “Green Destiny,” and “Clouds Cross Skies” are the three remaining fresh faces and each of these remarkable tunes are well worth every second of your time.  

Figure out a way to accommodate Fred V & Grafix’s fascinating Recognise LP into your daily routine. You won’t regret it.

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