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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Spins Hypnotic 2-Hour Techno Set

Over the past few months, music fans have discovered how much deadmau5 truly loves techno. At the start of last month, he released a techno track on Richie Hawtin's label under the alias "testpilot." We also got to listen to his full B2B set with Hawtin from SXSW 2013 for the first. He even played some techno on the Ultra main stage. During the weekend, deadmau5 pleased his fans by spinning a two-hour techno set and streaming it live on his website. The set wasn't a surprise, as he actually announced that he would be performing a "techno-actual-good-music set" shortly after his Ultra set.

deadmau5's techno set did not disappoint. If you have the time, listen to what deadmau5 put together in his "mau5hau5." If you're a techno fan, you'll likely enjoy deadmau5's selection of tracks. If you do not typically like techno, give it a chance and listen below—deadmau5 might be able to change your mind. 

The one downside is that the person who recorded the set accidentally opened a new tab about one-third of the way through the set. This messes up the sound for a bit, but the recorder soon realizes his mistake and the sound is returned to normal. This led deadmau5 to tweet the following: "next time i do a livestreamed set, ill just record it myself, then its lossless / leveled nice. can't trust anyone to really do it right." We will be impatiently awaiting his next live-streamed set.

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