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David Solano's Top 5 Life In Color Moments

David Solano collaborated with Adventure Club and Zak Waters on the 2014 Life in Color anthem, "Unleash." The track was released on April 2, and it is yet another huge contribution by Solano to the Life in Color brand. Solano has become quite popular as Life in Color's resident DJ. His constant touring with "the world's biggest paint party" has allowed him to experience a lot of the paint-fueled madness that has occurred internationally. To celebrate the release of the 204 LIC anthem, EDM.com asked Solano to provide the world with his top five Life in Color moments. Hit play on "Unleash" and read Solano's top LIC moments below!

1. LIC Miami 2011 - "This was the first time I played for such a big crowd in Miami, and I was debuting my first single ever released titled, 'Closure.'"

2. LIC Brazil 2014 - "My first show in South America with LIC; the people were incredible and they went crazy with the concept."

3. LIC New York 2013 - "Such a crazy show. I played and was followed by Bassjackers and R3hab . At the end of the night, the three of us played together back to back and finished with a huge crowd surf, where I actually fell pretty hard." *laughs* "It was awesome, though. I loved it!"

4. LIC Norway 2013 - "I didn't know what to expect since I've never been there. They told me I had to play a four hour set, which was a bit challenging, but I was really looking forward to it. I’d been waiting for a chance to do this . I played the four hours and really rocked it the whole time. It's probably my favorite set I've ever played and because of the length, it was a journey I'll never forget."

5. LIC Miami 2014 Festival - "It was LIC's biggest show ever! It was very emotional watching this concept grow from small nightclubs to a sold out festival in one of the biggest and toughest markets. It was the definition of success."

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