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EDM.com Spotlight

Mysteryland USA: The New Woodstock?

Mysteryland USA is poised to make history this Memorial Day Weekend

When Mysteryland announced it would be coming to the U.S., it caught the attention of electronic music fans everywhere, but it wasn’t until ID&T announced the location—Bethel Woods, NY—that mainstream media’s ears perked up.

Mysteryland isn’t like other EDM festivals. In fact, its tagline is, “The electronic music, culture, and arts festival,” making it one of the only major electronic festivals to feature artists (not musical artists) alongside big name producers. Given the festival’s focus on creativity, social responsibility, and unity, it’s only fitting for Mysteryland to make its U.S. debut on the hallowed grounds of Bethel Woods—the home of the original Woodstock. But before 20,000 electronic music fans descend on the small New York town to make history, we want to take a moment to point out a few key differences between the two festivals.

Woodstock: Took place on a Dairy Farm
Mysteryland: Will take place at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Technically, the two locations are the same because the Center was built after Woodstock, but the differing venues means Mysteryland will already have some built in amenities nearby.

Woodstock: Food shortage
Mysteryland: Food EVERYWHERE

There were quite a few reports of food shortages at Woodstock. The few vendors that were there had disappeared by Saturday, and many festival-goers hadn’t thought to pack much food. Thankfully, Mysteryland organizers are doing everything possible to keep us well fed all weekend. The“Woodstock of Eating,” Smorgasburg Food Fest, will be at the festival on Saturday and Sunday, along with other famous NYC vendors selling things like Greek food, cornbread, and even vegan options from Friday night to Monday morning.

Woodstock: 400,000 people attended
Mysteryland: Only 20,000 tickets being sold

Back in 1969, the security fences were taken down and everyone was allowed to enter the festival whether they had a ticket or not. Flash forward to 2014 and the security checkpoints will be staying intact throughout the weekend, meaning only those lucky enough to have a ticket will be able to get into the festival.

Woodstock: All about rock music
Mysteryland: Electronic music all day and all night

This difference is obvious, but with all the hardstyle and drum and bass on the Mysteryland lineup, chances are we’ll be rocking out harder than they did 45 years ago. Jimi Hendrix may have been a god on guitar, but he wouldn't have been able to drop the bass like anyone playing on the Q-dance stage.

Woodstock: “3 days of peace and music”
Mysteryland: “The electronic music, culture and arts festival”

With such similar mottos, it’s easy to see why Mysteryland earned the honor of being the first EDM festival at Bethel Woods. Both festivals embrace the idea of social responsibility, environmental awareness, and peacefulness. The one difference is in 1969 they used the term “hippy,” and now we use “PLUR.”

It’s been 45 years since Woodstock. Since then, no multi-day festival has taken place on the sacred ground, although many have tried; but this Memorial Day weekend, Mysteryland will make history. Decades from now, we’ll be telling stories of the festival with the same fondness as those that came 45 years before us. Will you be a part of history?

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