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EDM.com Spotlight

BRAZZABELLE Speaks With EDM.com About New "Forever Young" Festival Remix

From playing festivals and clubs to producing massive remixes, Los Angeles producer BRAZZABELLE has had a pretty busy 2014 so far. However, she always makes time for her fans. As part of her festival remix series, she has teamed up with fellow producer La'Reda to release a free new remix to the hit song "Forever Young." As you'll find out in our exclusive interview below, BRAZZABELLE fell in love with the song when Jay-Z and Beyonce performed it at Coachella in 2010. While keeping vocals from the original song, she has flipped the track into a massive summer festival anthem. I can just image a sea of people singing along and dancing hard as soon as that huge festival drop hits. Make sure you grab the free download below and continue reading on for our exclusive interview.

Forever Young (Brazzabelle & La'Reda Festival Remix) - Download

(M = Matt Flaherty of EDM.com; B = BRAZZABELLE) 

M: How has 2014 gone for you so far?

B: Pretty good! 2014 will be my first year as a “professional DJ,” so it's pretty exciting! 

M: How did you decide to remix "Forever Young," and where are you drawing inspiration for all the remixes in your Festival series? 

B: I’ve never been to Coachella (I KNOW IT'S WEIRD), but I remember watching a live feed of Jay-Z and Beyonce singing “Forever Young” in 2010, and it was so moving that I started crying happy tears. It’s just such an iconic song and resonates so well with this time in my life as well as everyone in festival and rave culture. I actually tried to extract Beyonce’s vocals for the remix but couldn't get the DIY acapella just right, so I ended up using the vocals from the Phil Kay feat. Zoey cover. 

For my last festival remix of “What Is Love,” I let my Facebook fans vote on which song to remix and that was the winner. But it’s really just tracks that I want to play that need to be reinvented to make sense in my sets. 

M: How many more remixes can we expect from the series and are there any upcoming collaborations you can speak on? 

B: I started doing the remixes because it was taking so long to get my originals out through the record label process, and I still wanted my fans to have some tunes they could download. Now the label process is picking up, and I’m focusing more on originals, but I will still try and get out a new remix for the series at least every 2-3 months. Working on some collaborations too, but can’t say anything yet! 

M: How important is social media for you in the way that you connect with your fans and which is your favorite to use and why?

B: I think it’s so important. I feel like my fans are my friends; I know so much about them because social media gives you an open line of communication which is so cool. I love to hear remix suggestions, get invited to after parties, get track feedback when I send Snapchat previews of early studio sessions, get sent funny memes, and so on. 

M: Your creation of Ravercise has gone from YouTube videos, to your own mix series, to even teaching the routine to the hosts of BiteSize TV. What does the future hold for Ravercise? 

B: It started as a joke, but in all honestly #ravercising is a way of life. I live the #Ravercise life. I get all my exercise at the club, and it's so much more fun than jogging haha. I think it’s important to have fun in life and not take things too seriously and not be afraid of embarrassing yourself. So I am having fun with it and making up and learning new dance moves. For the future of #ravercise, you will see some more ravercise video with cameos, more episodes of the mix series, and there may even be a #ravercise class...


M: What festivals/shows are you most excited to be playing at this year? 

B: I am soooo excited to be a part of the Mad Decent Boat Party this November! I will be sharing a stage with Zedd and 2 Chainz in Syracuse at the end of the month as well, which I’m pretty excited about! 

M: And just for fun, you seem to be a pretty big Disneyland fan right? What are your top 3 favorite rides? 

B: This is hard… 1. Indiana Jones 2. Tower Of Terror 3. Big Thunder Railroad

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