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Gunslinger & Shpongle Release 'Dreamcatcher' [Interview]

On Monday, Gunslinger and Shpongle released their new track, "Dreamcatcher." The glitch hop tune provides listeners with a chilled out soundscape. If you're a Burner, it might remind you of something you would hear while on the playa at Burning Man. EDM.com was so impressed by "Dreamcatcher" that we reposted it on our Glitch Hop SoundCloud channel. We also spoke with Gunslinger and Simon Posford of Shpongle to learn more about the producers responsible for the creation of "Dreamcatcher." Before we get into the interview, we'd like to clarify that Gunslinger is a duo, and they answered the interview questions jointly.

(M = Mike Walkusky; G = Anthem & Vidal of Gunslinger; S = Simon Posford of Shpongle)

M: What is the background of Gunslinger as musicians?

G: Anthem grew up in San Diego and is a self taught musician who started playing guitar at ten. He was in rock bands as a singer/songwriter/guitar player before discovering electronic music.  Vidal is from Lisbon, Portugal and studied music production there and was in several electronic projects before moving to L.A. The pair met online, sharing music files back in forth until Vidal was able to get an 0-1 artist visa and then moved to Los Angeles where things started to take off.

M: What have you been influenced by throughout your career?

G: Any great music that is truly original. We both have a love for some of the greats of any genre, really being influenced by rock. So anywhere from Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Nirvana to Muse. In the electronic world, we started out in the psychedelic trance scene, and it's how we discovered Hallucinogen (a.k.a Shpongle)

M: How would you describe your sound?

G: We like to think the Gunslinger sound as a bit more alternative, edgy, and organic then mainstream EDM, so we call it alternative dance. Tunes that will work on the dance floor but will take people on a mental journey as well. Some of our earlier stuff had a lot more vocals, but we are kind of getting away from that and adding more guitar, which people seem to be liking.

M: What was the creative process like for "Dreamcatcher"?

G: It was really fun and laid back. It started out as a jam with Simon, who is good on many instruments, playing on our Roland TD-20 drum kit. He was staying in L.A. with his girlfriend, so he had some free time to come over on several occasions.

M: What is your vision for Gunslinger?

G: Fundamentally, we would like to be known for making unique dance floor music that has an organic feel. We also have the ability to perform it live similar to Pendulum or Infected Mushroom so it can add another live element to it. We would really like to start pushing that side more. 

M: How did you become good friends with Simon?

G: Anthem became friends with Simon when he was promoting and DJing trance parties in L.A. He had Simon's trance project Hallucinogen come out to play in Los Angeles.

M: What are your future plans for Shpongle?

S: I've just finished a 60 day tour of the USA, so my plans right now are to go home and sleep until May 10th, when we bring the full 12 piece band to Red Rocks, Colorado for our only performance in America.

M: How does the United States react to the Shpongle show compared to other countries?

S: In the United States, they dance more on their left feet, in Europe more on their right feet. Japan and Israel are simply up and down.

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