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Miami Commissioner Compiles Unruly Ultra Video In Attempt To Get Rid Of Festival

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has compiled video footage that he hopes will end Ultra Music Festival’s tenure at Miami’s Bayfront Park. Flak from Sarnoff is nothing new. However, recently he has become a more vocal critic of the festival, claiming that he is speaking on behalf of local business owners who have incurred significant costs from damages done by unruly festival attendees.

The Miami commissioner hopes that his new video compilation will serve as valuable evidence that will lead to Ultra being kicked out of Miami. The video contains footage collected from various YouTube clips of ravers jumping over fences, jumping on top of stages, brawls, and resisting police arrest.

This year’s festival gained considerably more backlash than past years. The louder opposition is due in large part to the horrifying trampling of a security guard, Erica Mack, who was critically injured as well as the increasingly visible apparent drug and alcohol abuse.

However, despite the noise, property damage, and unruly behavior in general, even Sarnoff cannot deny that Ultra does provide a huge monetary injection for Miami. In 2012, the festival gave the local economy a boost by bringing in $79 million dollars from 165,000 attendees. The question now is whether a consensus can be reached between the Miami commission, local businesses, and the UMF organizers, who have promised to address community grievances. Tomorrow (April 10), a Miami commission meeting will take place, and Sarnoff and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado will argue for the removal of Ultra from Miami

In any case, a signed contract between UMF organizers and Bayfront Park clearly guarantees at least 4 more Ultra festivals at its current venue. Watch Sarnoff speak about the situation below.

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Cover photo credit: Rukes

Article written by Ash Khayami

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