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TomorrowWorld Injects $85.1 Million Into Georgia's Economy

In 2013, TomorrowWorld made its USA premiere in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. With the festival drawing 140,000 attendees from 76 different countries, the potential for a high impact on the local economy was evident. 

In a recent study conducted by Beacon Economics, it was discovered that TomorrowWorld pumped a total of $85.1 million into the Georgia economy. The majority of this money was felt in the city of Atlanta. In total, Atlanta's economy felt about a $70 million impact. In Atlanta, attendees spent $28.7 million on a range of expenditures, including lodging, restaurants, sightseeing and more. Some other positive results from the festival include the following: 

  • An estimated $4.3 million in tax revenues, which went to the state, and local governments as a result of event-related spending for TomorrowWorld 2013. (The equivalent of hiring 80 full-time school teachers for one year at a salary of $53,000)
  • Labor income for workers in the Atlanta and the state of Georgia increased by $34 million. This was due to the direct and indirect work necessary to support the impact of the event and the visitors.
  • The festival employed the equivalent of 749 annual full-time jobs. 
  • 22.5% of visiting attendees stayed for additional days in Georgia following TomorrowWorld. 

It's comforting to know that city officials and various other members of the Atlanta community can plainly see the positive economic outcome of TomorrowWorld. This will help music festivals across the United States. TomorrowWorld will proudly return to Atlanta this September with the expectation of another, successful weekend. Get your tickets for TomorrowWorld 2014 here

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