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Martin Garrix On The Criticism Of 'Animals' & The Evolution Of His Sound [EDM.com Interview]

Martin Garrix played during both weekends of Coachella last month, and the 17-year-old had the festival crowd wrapped around his finger the whole time he was on stage. There are varying opinions of Garrix in the dance community, but there's no doubt that the teenager can rock a festival crowd.

Garrix absolutely loved playing at Coachella. He exclaims, "The first weekend was insane, and I got off stage and said, 'This is one of the best shows of my life so far.' My management said, 'The best part is that you can come back next weekend and do it all over again.' I was like, 'Hell yeah!' I did a completely different set the second weekend. I played a lot of new stuff, and we put a lot of time into the production, the visuals, and the lighting."

The Dutch star just recently gained the ability to tour in the United States, and he seems to really enjoy playing stateside. "America is just insane," says Garrix. "It's crazy to see how much energy there is here. The festivals are crazy. The energy I saw at Coachella was mind blowing for me. I really can't wait until I'm back here for other festivals."

The jump to stardom happened quickly for Garrix. He says, "Last year, I was in the Ultra crowd myself as a festival attendee, then this year I was playing the main stage. It's crazy that something like that can happen."

His quick climb up the EDM totem pole can be attributed in large part to the massive success of "Animals." He tells EDM.com, "I'm really proud of what 'Animals' has achieved. I didn't produce it to reach the amount of success it has reached. I only made it as a record to play in my own sets at clubs and festivals. Suddenly, the radio started playing it a few times, then it went into full rotation. Out of that, we started charting and reaching a whole different audience that's not even part of the electronic dance music audience."

As we all know, "Animals" has been one of the most trashed songs among diehard dance music fans. However, Garrix has taken the criticism in stride. "I honestly don't really care [about the 'Animals' criticism]," asserts Garrix. "It's not my fault that it's getting played so much on the radio. I made the track as a club record. Right now, you've got these hardcore electronic dance music fans who say the track is a sellout. I didn't make the track to be on the radio; I just wanted to make a good club track. A lot of people forget I released 'Animals' as a club record, and I didn't make it with a cheesy-ass 'Put your hands up in the air' type of vocal. It wasn't meant for the radio. In the end, they're hating, and I'm traveling the world, doing what I love."

Garrix recently released another subkick tune, "Tremor" with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, but it sounds like he'll be progressing to a new style soon. "I'm going in a different direction myself. I'm going to stop with the subkick that 'Animals' and 'Tremor' has in a few months. After 'Tremor,' I have a track with Afrojack coming up that's kind of a subkick tune. Following that, I'm going to do more mellow stuff."

The poise of the young Dutch producer is stunning to witness. He possesses wisdom well beyond his years. For this reason, it's not a surprise that he truly cares about his fans. Garrix states, "I want to do as many shows as possible to make my fans happy. The management team and my parents always tell me I need to get rest. Last year, I spent six straight months traveling and touring. I just love to play and make other people happy. That's the most important thing. You get to play your music and share your passion with others. You see people crying, and you create moments for other people to remember for a very long time."

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