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Producers' Corner With Dirt Monkey: The 'Fluid' Plugin By Audio Damage

About This Column: Producers' Corner with Dirt Monkey is a series that will consist of reviews of plugins and other tools in order to help up-and-coming producers improve their skills and workflow. On occasion, there will be special guest producers so that readers can gain knowledge from different perspectives.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first installment of Producers' Corner with Dirt Monkey! In this weekly series, I’ll be going over plugins, hardware, tools, tips, tricks, and basically anything that can be of help to all of you EDM producers out there. Now let’s get down to business.

This week, I’ll be going over the plugin called “Fluid” by Audio Damage. Fluid is an analog-modeled chorus plugin. What I really like about this plugin is its simplicity and extreme ease of use right out of the box. Oh, and did I mention it only costs $29?

Fluid can be used for anything from stereo width adjustment, to full on crazy chorus effects on vocals, or simply for fattening leads or pads when they need a little more umph. I’ve been throwing it on some of my return tracks—especially my big reverbs—with the dry/wet around 15%-20% and the feedback down low to give that extra little touch of space and color that the reverb can’t quite reach. Oh, and if you’re making music that uses lots of pads/layered saw synths, stop reading this article and go buy the plugin right now. It is an absolute dream with pad-heavy tunes. In fact, it almost feels like cheating when you slap it on a simple detuned saw synth and turn the delay and depth settings up.

Even if you rarely use chorus plugins (which I did before I bought Fluid), this will make you start. Fluid’s attractive, classy, easy-to-use layout, and amazing full sound will have you on board from the get go. This is a must have.

Written by Dirt Monkey

Purchase Fluid by Audio Damage: http://www.audiodamage.com/effects/product.php?pid=AD016

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