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Lunch Beat: Sweden's Growing Solution To Work-Week Boredom

For many of us, working an 8-5 job every week can be tiring, stressful, or plain old boring. Whether you’re working at a counter or cubicle, the trivial pursuit for motivation can hit us at any point of the day, and many of our “solutions” never really get the job done. In countries like Spain and Italy, many companies and businesses close during midday to provide their workforce relief from their profession-related burdens. Although the majority of Western culture hasn’t adopted this lax practice, a growing trend started by the Swedish non-profit organization Lunch Beat may be our best solution yet.

In June of 2010, Molly Ränge and her fellow dance-driven peers began hosting lunch-time “raves” in their office garage in hopes that it would both energize and motivate them during their rote work week. Word quickly spread of the group’s playful weekly gathering. It was only a short time afterwards that the event was forced to relocate to fully accommodate its growing number of patrons. It was at this point that the Lunch Beat founders also created their 10-rule manifesto to support the growing practice and its imminent non-native gatherings. Sure enough, in 2011 the trending party broke out of its home city of Stockholm and went international, attracting communities all over the world to recreate the Swedes’ creative and stress-free new function.

The principles of the manifesto are quite simple, as its first rule dictates: “If it’s your first lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.” Other rules further outline its intended fun-filled goals, with emphasis on strict timing, non-work related discussions, and a preferred drug-free environment. Now anyone is capable of hosting a Lunch Beat event, as long as it is prepared in coordination with the organization and respectful of their manifesto. Each gathering charges a cover fee, but the varied amount must go directly towards any location fees and pre-made lunches (free water and meals-to-go are provided at the event to all who RSVP). Their website offers a thorough Q&A and “How-to” guide for everything, including joining, hosting, and sponsoring a certified Lunch Beat show.

With Lunch Beat currently taking place in over 55 cities worldwide, the organization has seen coverage from a handful of reputable magazines and news stations, including BBC, Forbes, and USA Today. On May 6th, the Lunch Beat community decided to unite the “tribes” for the first global Lunch Beat celebration, featuring live streams from 23 events taking place, from Boston and St. Louis, to Budapest and Melbourne. Here is the official promo video for the worldwide event.

The Tribe Becomes One – Global Lunch Beat Day, May 6th 2014 – Lunch Beat - GET READY from Lunch Beat on Vimeo.

With such a successful history of events thus far, this catchy trend has proven time and time again that both music and community provide a strong driving force to the world’s working class.

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