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EDM.com Spotlight

Even A Broken Arm Couldn't Stop Ookay From Doing His Job

"I wouldn't consider myself 'a beast' or 'a legend' for DJing with a broken/fractured arm. I would consider myself in love with my job."

If you have ever broken a bone at some point in your life, you can probably attest to how painful and interfering it can be with your everyday tasks. When your profession requires total mobility of both your arms and your legs, having a fractured limb can make your job feel near impossible. This apparently was not the case for Ookay at his show last night in Worcester, as he was able to spin for 45 minutes after breaking his arm. Bro Safari, who also performed that night, documented Ookay’s noble performance and shared this picture to his followers via Twitter.

Although we still don’t know the bewildering cause of his unfortunate incident last night, one thing we do know is that Ookay has indeed broken his arm and is on the road to recovery. After completing his set, he was then taken to a hospital for further care. While at the hospital, Ookay was able to confirm Bro Safari's previous diagnosis.

We all have high hopes that Ookay will recover quickly and continue performing through the weeks to come, because if we have learned anything from Ookay's courageous actions in Worcester, Massachusetts, it's that it will take more than just a broken arm to stop this man from doing what he loves most.

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