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Bassnectar Discreetly Releases Second Track From Upcoming Album

Last week, Bassnectar uploaded "Now" as a free download. The track will be on his upcoming album #NVSB. The day after releasing "Now," Bassnectar took to Twitter to reveal some more big news. He said, “Next up is 'Ephemeral' which you will receive from a friend :).” That friend came in the form of the Facebook page The Festive Owl and Bassnectar’s diehard fans, the AmBASSadors.

“Ephemeral” and “Now” reveal how diverse Bassnectar's upcoming album will likely be. “Now" is a trap-influenced track, and “Ephemeral” is more transient-bass with beautiful melodies and energetic buildups. 

All of the AmBASSadors were emailed a special message from Bassnectar. Read Bassnectar's full message is below.

“Hello! I want to say thank you for all your help, love & support over the years for all that you give. My favorite song off the upcoming record is a very special piece of music, and I wanted to give it away in a unique manner: feel free to share this with anyone you want, post it anywhere, give it to friends & family, or simply keep it for yourself. As ‘real life’ begins to merge with ‘digital/online life’ every day, and I watch the networks melting into each other, I want to extend the Ambassador Program way beyond the realms of the physical, into unexplored terrain: building and strengthening community online. I’ll let Hasan go over the basics of our ideas, but I just personally wanted to say thanks for all you have shared, and I’m looking forward to new ways we can enrich our lives and the lives of our friends & family both online and in 3D – integrating both terrains into our musical/cultural/community campaigns”

Read The Festive Owl's Facebook post about "Ephemeral" below. To download the track, click on the bit.ly link in the post.


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