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Bear Grillz Premieres Massive Single, 'Thirsty,' Leading To More Questions About His Identity

EDM.com is thrilled to bring you the premiere of "Thirsty," the newest track from Bear Grillz. To help round out the track, Bear Grillz enlisted the help of rapper Mayor Apeshit. Overall, "Thirsty" is yet another impressive addition to the weed-smoking ursine's catalogue. It will be released through Firepower Records on May 20. 

What makes "Thirsty" stand out from other trap songs is the heavy acid sound Bear Grillz incorporated into the tune. The beginning of the track sounds like a typical trap instrumental. Surprisingly, the intro builds into an acid-infused drop that immediately catches your attention. 

After the acid drop assaults your senses, Mayor Apeshit jumps into the fray. His lyrics fit the title of the track perfectly, as he raps about thirsty girls who will do whatever it takes to get on the stage at shows.

There's been rampant speculation about who's behind the Bear Grillz project. DatsikZomboy, and Skrillex have all been rumored as the mastermind behind Bear Grillz. "Thirsty" will make fans even more curious about who's behind the big bear head. In any case, the person responsible for creating all of the Bear Grillz tracks is a very talented producer. We're looking forward to seeing how long the identity of Bear Grillz will remain a secret. With all the creative internet sleuthers out there (reddit: I'm looking at you), it's difficult to keep a secret for long. 

Additionally, very little is known about Mayor Apeshit. He's rapped on a few songs, but all we can find out about Mayor Apeshit is that he has a Twitter account with an ape as the avatar.

It's intriguing that two very mysterious acts collaborated on "Thirsty." However, what's not a mystery is that "Thirsty" will be played out by many trap DJs around the world. Mayor Apeshit's catchy lyrics combined with the originality of Bear Grillz has yielded one of our favorite trap songs at the moment.

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