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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis Creates 2 New Instagram Personalities: Treva & Rave Dad

Treva and Rave Dad are the newest comedic creations from Dillon Francis

When Dillon Francis started creating alternate personalities on Instagram, it started as just a fun joke. DJ Hanzel, DJ Rich as F*ck and Becky are just some of the characters he plays. Over the weekend, he added two more characters to his repertoire: Treva, an Australian teenager, and Rave Dad.

The new characters are just as funny and outlandish as Dillon's other personalities. Treva, the Australian teenager, pokes fun at Zedd and some of the younger EDM fans. Rave Dad, on the other hand, is a stereotype of the ‘old guys’ who have been going to raves since before kids like Treva were even born. Porter Robinson even got in on the fun and posted an Instagram video response to Treva.

The creation of these memorable characters has allowed Dillon to expand his social media presence at a ridiculously fast rate. Additionally, they have helped Dillon gain a reputation as the class clown of the DJ world, which his fans truly adore. DJ Hanzel has gotten so popular that he's played deep house sets as an opener for Dillon. Check out the hilarious new Instagram videos of Treva and Rave Dad below, along with Porter Robinson's response and a compilation of older clips from DJ Hanzel.

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