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EDM.com Spotlight

Pōston, Black Hole Recordings' Newest Producer, Debuts 'Stranded' [Interview]

"Stranded" debuted on EDM.com’s Trance channel on Friday. It is a fantastic progressive track, written and produced by newcomer Pōston with vocals from singer Lizzie Curious. "Stranded" will be released in a month on Black Hole Recordings. Coming out of seemingly nowhere, this Texan producer is already opening for artists like Andrew Rayel, which is setting the stage for a fantastic career. Because of all this, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to introduce you to him and give you a chance to hear this brilliant new song.

(S = Sam Wangsness of EDM.com; P = Poston)

S: You’re a completely new name to the scene, and we’re debuting your first big label single, “Stranded,” with the vocals of Lizzie Curious. Give us a brief rundown on who Pōston is. 

P: The full name is Elliott Poston (without the macron, actually). I’m 28 and based out of Dallas, Texas. I’m really stoked to get this first record out under this newly dubbed artist name. I’ve got a couple of vocal tracks in the pipeline, with “Stranded” of course being the debut. The follow up is almost ready, and it’s with Linnea Schossow, which will be out later this summer.

S: What’s your musical background? 

P: I played the guitar growing up and had a pretty big obsession with thrash metal. *laughs* When it comes to producing trance, initially it was mostly trial and error and endless YouTube tutorials. I stopped trying to put out releases nearly 3 years ago to really give this my all. Anyone who wants to write memorable music has to learn music theory, so I’ve spent the last few years relearning those things and trying to create a crisp, full sound. It’s been tough, because like any aspiring computer musician, you want to get your music out there, but taking this route I think was a lot smarter. I’ve always been a believer that you can learn to do anything if you want it badly enough and have the patience to learn a new skill. It’s been along 3 years to say the least! 

S: What made you collab with Lizzie Curious? 

P: Lizzie has such an amazing and unique voice. I loved “Departures,” which she did with Robbie Rivera and Cosmic Gate a few years back. Her voice just lends itself to trance melodies beautifully; plus, she’s a great songwriter. She wrote all the lyrics to “Stranded” and I couldn’t be happier, they really sat well in the track even on the early drafts. Trance is supposed to be meaningful and deep, and I think songwriting really captures the essence of that very notion.

S: Why did you sign with Black Hole Recordings? 

P: Black Hole is a label that I have been listening to for over a decade and have a massive amount of respect for. They are essentially the label that pioneered the dutch trance sound, so it’s a huge honor for me to be a part of a label that stays true to its roots. I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity.

S: Who are some of your major influences?

P: What really got me huge into trance was the In Search of Sunrise series mixed by Tiesto, specifically Vol. 1 & 3. Those cool balearic vibes just took me to another place. I also like early Gabriel & Dresden, as they were absolutely light years ahead of their time. Jerome Isma-Ae, also--no one else in dance music nails that groovy progressive sound like him.

S: Why trance? Why vocal trance?

P: Trance has always been my go to. I feel like there is a lot of pressure on new producers to make big room tracks with simple melodies and drops that sound like a 5 year old banging on trash cans. That’s all great and everything, but people will tire of the same old one note drop and maybe want some melody and depth to a track. A good trance track has the ability to really get inside your soul as well as your feet. It also feels the most “musical” to me. So many layers, big melodies, lots of vocals. A producer made a comment to me saying vocal trance isn’t big anymore. I guess he hasn’t been to a recent sold out Above & Beyond show lately? People relate to good lyrics and a catchy melody. It’s a genre that is fun to make and fun to dance to, while not being just about a “drop.”

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