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EDM.com Spotlight

DJ Dan Fuses Eras With His Latest Album

With over 20 years of experience in the club scene, DJ Dan has established himself as both purveyor of house music and a veteran DJ/producer. Since launching his career in 1991, DJ Dan has been at the forefront of the “West Coast House” movement, constantly pushing the genre’s unique blend of breakbeat, techno, house, and dub. From his earliest work with the Funky Tekno Tribe, DJ Dan’s dedication to both his fans and his sound have helped elevate him to the prestigious position that he has maintained to this day.

Born and raised outside Olympia, Washington, Daniel Wherrett began his music career as DJ Dan under the apprenticeship of Donald Glaude, another highly accomplished DJ/turntablist. While under his mentor’s wing, DJ Dan strived to learn as much as he could about the fundamentals of turntablism and performing - something that quickly became a lifestyle for Daniel.

After attending FIDM in 1991, he decided to leave home and move to sunny Los Angeles. During his time at the institute, rave culture began to take hold within the city’s thriving club scene, leading DJ Dan to the formation of the Funky Tekno Tribe alongside legends Kevon Banks and Hector Cardenas. The FTT quickly became one of the premier collectives in California’s rapidly spreading new culture, and served as a powerful launching pad for many of its most famous DJ’s careers. Through his involvement with FTT, DJ Dan was able to gain international support from house legends such as Basement Jaxx, DJ Sneak, and Carl Cox, whose label Worldwide Ultimatum provided him with a powerful platform to release one of his highest-acclaimed singles, the club-rocking classic “Needle Damage.”

It’s been over twenty years since the launch of DJ Dan’s career and the inception of FTT, and his uncanny skill in production and knack for DJing has remained stronger than ever. Since 2000, he has been named “America’s Best House DJ” (2006, DJ Mag) and “America’s Hardest Working DJ” (2000, Urb Magazine), and his countless singles, remixes, and albums provide ample proof that there is a whole lot more to give. The latest release in DJ Dan’s catalogue, his long-awaited album Nothing But A Party, is a 20-track compilation that features a plethora of unreleased originals and collaborations with major-league producers like TJR, Phunk Investigation, Umek, and many more.

Whether you’re new to his sound or returning for more, DJ Dan’s latest album showcases an irresistible variety of club-oriented grooves and moods for listeners of all varieties. From the Melbourne bounce-influenced bass rhythms of “Shake That” to the funk-filled energy behind “Funky Fish Parade,” Nothing But A Party ushers forth a nu-age approach to the classic club sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Unlike many other tech house and progressive house artists today, DJ Dan’s new album invokes a very strong sense of energy, tension, and release, drawing listeners in and building them up as the album progresses. Many artists who also develop such a strong signature sound often feel constrained by their history, but this was clearly not the case for DJ Dan. Nothing But A Party successfully incorporates a broad variety of danceable genres ranging from techno, funk, Melbourne bounce, electro, Detroit house, Chicago house, and tech house.

From his earliest productions, it has always been clear that DJ Dan harbors a distinct talent for drawing crowds and creating timeless productions. Nothing But A Party takes listeners on a dance-driven journey through the history of club music, and from what we’ve heard thus far, DJ Dan will continue to remain a staple within the house community and beyond.

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