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EDM.com Spotlight

Throwback Thursday: The First Episode

EDM.com brings you back to the first episode...

Ever think back to what the first episode of your favorite producer's podcast/radio show was like? For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re taking it back to six recurring mixes that have kept fans running back for more every time a new one is released. 

Big-name producers such as Above and Beyond, Adventure Club, Pretty Lights, Krewella, Diplo, and Armin van Buuren have put together some of the more popular recurring mixes. Some of them create weekly mixes, while others might take a bit more time in between releases. Regardless, they're always a joy to hear. Let's listen to the first effort by each of these producers!

Krewella- Troll Mix Vol. 1

The Chicago based trio Krewella has a relatively new recurring mix, but their dedicated fanbase has ensured that Troll Mix receives lots and lots of plays.

Adventure Club- Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 1

Although they’ve only just begun with four Superheroes Anonymous mixes, Adventure Club’s first mix definitely set the tone for future mixes. Superheroes Anonymous is the perfect compilation of melodic dubstep tracks.

Pretty Lights- The Hot Shit Episode 1 

Pretty Lights' The Hot Shit has been an ongoing radio show since 2011. Derek Vincent Smith always puts together an amazing collection of old and new tracks. Episode one gives you only a tease of what the following episodes included. 

Above and Beyond - Group Therapy 001

Group Therapy, Above and Beyond’s weekly two-hour show, has developed into one of dance music’s most listened to radio shows. The move to a more progressive-sounding radio show was a departure from their previous show, Trance Around The World, which solely catered to trance fans. Enjoy the first-ever #ABGT below.

Diplo- Diplo and Friends BBC Radio 1 [April 2012] 

Diplo released his first Diplo and Friends mix in 2012, which featured a mixture of house and reggae. Diplo and Friends has become one of BBC Radio 1's most-popular weekly shows. Several of dance music's most well-known producers can owe a lot of their success to Diplo and Friends. Let's take it back to the first time Diplo took over BBC Radio 1.

Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance

When it comes to electronic dance music, ASOT is the most popular radio show in the world. Armin van Buuren has built ASOT into an absolute beast. Every 50 ASOTs, he travels the world to perform sold-out shows under the ASOT name. Aside from Above & Beyond, it's difficult to think of any other producers who can do that. However, Armin probably didn't know how popular ASOT would become when he released the first episode. In fact, in episode one, he speaks in Dutch rather than English. Listen to the first episode that started one of dance music's most well-known brands!