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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 10

Have no fear, Vol. 10 is finally here!

Time flies when you’re blasting filthy dubstep around the clock. I can’t believe we’ve already reached Volume 10! Even more importantly, thanks to all of you wonderful people who’ve made writing about my favorite type of music 100 times more fun. This week, we break the mold by showcasing our first melodic dubstep and trapstep tunes. As we continue to move forward, we hope you’ll join us in exploring all aspects of this always-evolving musical genre. Welcome to the dirty drop dispensary.

5. Hot Shit! - Endless Love (Ft. Savage Pandas) (SpekrFreks Remix)

Some of you might have an issue with that fact that I’m including a melodic dubstep song in this segment for the first time. Others will rejoice that I’ve opened our doors to all forms of this diverse EDM genre. Honestly though, if this SpekrFreks remix of “Endless Love” did not qualify for a spot on our this week’s list, I was going to have some serious explaining to do! Plus, who would’ve ever imagined that a pair of clean-cut drops could make a song infinitely filthier? Well, that’s precisely what this duo has accomplished with this skull-busting tune. Chiseled from the finest selection of synths, forged together with voluminous vocal samples, and firmly melded with melodies capable of manipulating the strongest minds, this warrior of a track is meant for the true dubstep maniacs only. Dirt-nasty drops can come in all different shapes and sizes!

4. Twine - Possessed

Twine has already become one of our regulars at EDM.com. That's what he deserves for consistently generating grimy dubstep tunes. Having made multiple appearances on previous volumes of this weekly feature, it should come as no shock that this Florida phenom is helping us plug up the holes in our illustrious lineup once again. Batting cleanup, “Possessed” clobbers you harder than Barry Bonds waiting for a fastball in his wheelhouse! As the ruthless synths begin to sound off, you can’t help but become a minion in this dark lord’s faithful dubstep army. Much like the vocal sample suggests, the ground around you will start shaking and fracturing seconds after each drop, so you better do your damnedest to avoid falling into the deep and dark crevices of the underworld. Twine takes trapstep to the next level with this one!

3. D-jahsta - System VIP

When this track popped up in my SoundCloud feed, the only words I noticed were “D-jahsta” and “VIP.” I immediately thought to myself, "How is it even conceivable that D-jahsta could take his original productions, which are well known for being intimidating bass music brutes, and transform them into even more devastating dubstep annihilators?" Well, the guy did it! And he made it look easy too! The pollution level on this producer’s VIP of “System” is off the freaking charts. It’ll feel like someone just emptied a full garbage can over the top half of your body, then tossed you inside that same garbage can and kicked you down the steepest face of Mt. Everest. Enjoy the ride, and please keep your arms and legs inside the rolling trash receptacle at all times. Seriously though, there are enough machine gun noises in this track to take down an entire pack of hungry zombies! D-jahsta is mainstream EDM’s worst nightmare. Sweet dreams, kiddos.

2. Eptic - Brainstorm

Going from one dubstep boss to another, the Belgium bass wunderkind better known as Eptic is back on the block with some fresh-to-death material. I don’t have the slightest clue how this musician came up with the concept for “Brainstorm,” but I’m just eternally grateful that he did. Highlighted by its genius synth work and unrivaled sound design, this latest dancefloor decimator is so dirty that even Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs) would take one look at it and then scurry off in the opposite direction! Could you blame him? Because when that first drop takes a hold of your eardrums, there’s no turning back. It’s a life or death situation, and let’s just say that I don’t like your chances following the conclusion of the second drop. Eptic is not your everyday dubstep producer—he's something much, much more! 

1. Zomboy - WTF!? (Cookie Monsta Remix)

Zomboy’s “WTF!?” left me thinking exactly that when I first heard it, but not for the best of reasons. Oddly enough, Cookie Monsta’s remix left me thinking the exact same thing, but only for the best of reasons. After hearing it just once, it was pretty obvious that this banger could provide the ultimate soundtrack for scoring any of nature's catastrophic events. Natural disasters? Easy! The apocalypse? No question! Even new-age Godzilla attacks? Well, we may need to wait to consult Bryan Cranston about that last one, but I think you get where I’m going with this. These drops aren’t just dirty; they’re fucking deadly! Cookie Monsta was the clear leader in this week’s clubhouse. No one else was even close.

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