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Adventure Club Gives Back To Community Despite Whirlwind Schedule [Interview]

Adventure Club had an extremely busy month of April. Christian Srigley and Leighton James played at both weekends of Coachella, which is considered by many to be the biggest music festival in the United States. Additionally, they took part in the charity event Do Good. Do Good helped feed over 22,000 low income Los Angeles residents. Electric Family helped set up Do Good, and their relationship with Adventure Club has been helpful for the EDM community.

“We've been working with Electric Family for about a year,” says James. “We're always brainstorming ideas on how we can better the EDM community and give back. Once we got to Do Good, we didn't really know what to expect. It was a free event, and there were over 100 people there to support the cause. Everyone was packaging food and super keen on doing it. It was to the point where when we wanted to take pictures with some of our fans, they said, 'Hold on, let me finish what I'm doing.' Then they would come and take a picture. It felt good after the event.”

Electric Family has developed into a well-known positive action brand within the EDM community. However, they didn't just suddenly appear overnight. “They're so proactive that it's almost hard to not be moving forward with them,” says Srigley. “They're so consistent, work oriented, and passionate about the project. They make it so easy for us to do things and set events up.”

James adds, “If we have an idea, they'll do most of the leg work, and we'll come out. I hope they become the center of giving back to the EDM community.”

Adventure Club's FUCK CANCER bracelet is the top-selling Electric Family bracelet. But what made the Canadian duo want to work with Electric Family in the first place? “As soon as I met someone from Electric Family, they showed me the bracelets and laid out their plans for what they want to do the next couple years. We jumped on it right away and built our relationship,” states James.

Adventure Club has received a great deal of respect for their charity work. However, we cannot forget about their fantastic music. The duo's skyrocketing popularity earned them the honor of playing at both weekends of Coachella this year. Even more impressive is the fact that they had a late-night set at the Sahara Tent. Nighttime sets at Coachella are typically reserved for the biggest names in music. The importance of the situation was not lost on Adventure Club.

Srigley says, “It's almost impossible to explain the feeling. Nothing compares. I was so nervous going up the first weekend of Coachella because we built it up so much that I was way more nervous than I'd ever been since we started Adventure Club. It was kind of fun to be back in that place and feel like that again. Once we got on stage, the crowd was so embracing and energetic. It was phenomenal.”

James adds, “It's the only show where we've been on a high the entire week after.”

Playing at Coachella was clearly a highlight for Adventure Club. If other producers were in the same position as Adventure Club, they might feel complacent and completely happy with their career. Luckily, Adventure Club refuses to stay stagnant. They proved this through their collaboration with David Solano, “Unleash.” The track is the current anthem for Life in Color, and it is completely different from what fans are used to hearing.

“With 'Unleash,' we kind of wanted to go in a super progressive direction to break that barrier,” explains James. “So if we do release something along those lines in the future, it wouldn't be too much of a shock for our fans.”

Srigley adds, “We basically threw the ball as far left as possible so that any time we want to throw the ball in that general area, it won't be as startling. We've been talking about how much we love house...We're not going exclusively in that direction, but we wanted to break the ice essentially.”

It's great to hear that Adventure Club is willing to occasionally stray away from the music their fans know them for. Possessing the willingness to change—whether it's a little or a lot—is essential if you want to grow. At the same time, it's always important to remember who you are as a person. Although Adventure Club recently produced a progressive house track, it clearly doesn't define them as producers. For this reason, it's always intriguing to hear which song a producer enjoyed creating the most. A producer's favorite song doesn't define their career, but it might help fans relate to them more.

“I have a special relationship with 'Lullabies,'” admits Srigley. “If I had to listen to just one of our songs, it's the song I would listen to. I enjoy listening to it a lot. I'll just put it on sometimes and feel it out. 'Crave You' is another standout. It's a landmark.”

“'Lullabies' does it for me as well,” agrees James. “When I hear that first piano chord, it still gives me goosebumps.”

If a song you produced nearly two years ago still gives you goosebumps, then you know you're in the right profession. Although they've probably heard “Lullabies” thousands of times, Srigley and James still aren't tired of the song.

Srigley and James are impressive producers, but they are equally as impressive as human beings. Hopefully, their continued support of charities will convince other stars in the industry to give back to less fortunate people.

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