EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Trance Thursday: Vol. 5

Progressive Track of the Week

Ben Gold – "Departure" [@bengoldmusic]

It’s an unfortunate fact of music that most songs created for the purpose of being free downloads tend to be lower quality than their paid counterparts. That isn’t the case with “Departure” by Ben Gold. Not only is it a killer progressive trance track with spectacular production quality, but it’s available as a free download. Grab it and go nuts.

Tech Track of the Week

Ehsun - "White Demon" [@EhsunMusic]

In our opinion, nothing in trance music has quite the energy of tech trance. With its frantic basslines and general lack of chord progressions in everything but the breakdown, it brings an intensity hardly seen anywhere else. “White Demon” is a prime example of this, with its pounding intro and outro, not to mention the deep, raw drop. It’s an absolute club smasher, that’s for sure.

Uplifting Track of the Week

Sou Kanai & C-Systems - "Far Away" ft. Hanna Finsen [@soukanai @csystems @hannafinsen]

There simply aren’t enough vocal tracks in trance music, in our humble opinion, so when one comes along—especially when it’s really quite amazing—we instantly pay astute attention. “Far Away” is one such case, a gorgeous uplifting trance piece with haunting vocals, not to mention a melody that will stay fresh in your mind for quite a while. It’s a definite gem of a track, that much is sure.

Cover photo credit: Michael Chidiac

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