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SNL Parodies Button-Pushing DJs With Andy Samberg’s Hilarious 'Davvincii'

Andy Samberg pokes fun at the "bass drop" in his return to SNL

Last night, Andy Samberg returned to host Saturday Night Live, which brought back the popular SNL Digital Short. Samberg took this opportunity to parody “button-pushing” DJs.

For the digital short, Samberg took on the name “Davvincii” (appearing with the same typeface as Avicii’s logo), and he comes before the crowd sporting a wig that resembles the hair of David Guetta. The audience screams “I love you Davvincii!” as he dances around the DJ booth. Davvincii makes elaborate hand gestures as he starts the music and teases the audience before the bass drop. While he waits for the music to drop, he is showered with money, plays Jenga, and draws a self-portrait. When the bass finally drops, Lil Jon screams “Get Turned Up To Death!" The drop leads to people exploding, someone committing seppuku, and an Indiana Jones appearance.

The entire skit is hilarious; it perfectly parodies one of the biggest concerns of EDM. The parody isn't very offensive to the dance music scene as a whole. Instead, it pokes fun at the mainstream DJs and club-goers who are only looking for the “big drop.”

This is the second time SNL prominently featured EDM this month. Two weeks ago, Skrillex was included in a Celebrity Family Feud skit.

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Photo Credit:  Saturday Night Live

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