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EDM.com Spotlight

Deorro Plans To Retire From DJing

Deorro has been one of dance music's breakout stars in 2014. He consistently produces top-notch music, and he regularly interacts with his fans on Twitter. With his popularity growing exponentially, it would have been no surprise to see Deorro headlining festivals by 2015. However, the West Covina, CA native recently made the surprising announcement that he intends to quit DJing. The announcement came via Twitter yesterday.

There is one exception to Deorro's apparent retirement from DJing.

Deorro does plan on finishing out the dates he's been booked for. 

It's a bit disheartening that we won't be able to hear Deorro's bouncy live sets after December. On the other hand, his decision to take a step back from DJing makes sense on many levels. Watching your children grow up is something parents simply do not want to miss out on. Deorro wants to be there for his kids, which is something his fans should understand.

Furthermore, this decision gives Deorro more time to produce music. Deorro is an extremely talented producer, so he won't be hurting for money any time soon. As a result, the extra money Deorro gains from touring is not worth the extra stress it puts on him.

We look forward to hearing what Deorro will be able to produce with much more free time on his hands. Let's hope he can help numerous PandaFunk members become stars. If it happens, we might be able to see Deorro on tour again in the distant future.

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