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29 People Hospitalized During Avicii Show In Toronto

On Saturday, Avicii performed at Rogers Centre in Toronto. Unfortunately, the event was tainted by the hospitalization of 29 attendees. This event has thrust Toronto’s EDM music scene back into the spotlight. Earlier this month, Toronto overturned a ban on all-ages EDM shows at Exhibition Place. The ban was due to health and safety concerns.

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) had to be called in to help with the ill attendees. The Rogers Centre has its own medical crew, but they were completely swamped by the high number of attendees requiring medical attention. It has been reported that many of the hospitalizations were due to excessive alcohol consumption. 

Paramedics stated that people were starting to get sick before Avicii even went on stage. Apart from the hospitalizations, one additional concertgoer was arrested and another was treated for drug use. 

This event is already being used as a talking point for Toronto councillors who are against all-ages EDM shows. Toronto city councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said, “This only proves that it doesn’t matter whether these events are held on privately owned or government lands, they are dangerous events to hold as ‘all-ages,’ allowing kids to be present."

Thankfully, it has been reported that all of the hospitalized attendees will be okay. Let's hope this unfortunate incident will lead to more people partying responsibly.

[H/T: CTV News Toronto]

Written by Ash Khayami

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