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The Faces Of Hybrid Trap Pt. 2

There are only a few genres today that have seen as much versatility and dimension in its field than trap music. Whether it's slow, fast, heavy, or light, trap music has taken a seemingly endless number of directions, and the collection of strong-willed artists supporting this movement are taking new leaps to define this sound each and every day. One branch of trap that is gaining a particularly strong following is the “hybrid trap” movement, which highlights the synthesis of dubstep’s bass and grime sounds with trap music’s hip-hop and 808 drum influences. Up-and-coming talent like Snails, Kai Wachi, and Aero Chord have all demonstrated a keen sense of direction within this growing sub-genre, and there is a lot to look forward to from all of their progress thus far. Two weeks ago, we featured some of hybrid trap's top producers. To get a better idea of where this movement is headed, here are five more of hybrid trap’s most promising acts and their respective sounds.


Recently featured in Crews & Collectives : Kannibalen Records, Snails is making waves through dubstep culture with his unprecedented bass-heavy grooves and signature vocal-synth sounds. He has released a fool-proof catalogue of originals and remixes, ranging from festival trap anthems to dubstep club-wreckers. His remix of “Through the Night” and latest single “Slugz” both serve a heavy cocktail of hybrid trap beats, and we’re going to keep on sippin’ as long as this producer continues to expand his prowess within this awesome new genre.

Kai Wachi

The bass prodigy Kai Wachi has created quite a name for himself in the short time he's been within the scene. His “apocalyptic” style and gruesome sampling tendencies have separated him from the norm and effectively placed him in a league of his own. Mind-numbing basslines and fragmented drum patterns are what define his sound, and his upcoming EP Cadaverous (out on May 27th) will undoubtedly secure his place in this new breed of bass.


Eliminate has been a force to be reckoned with since his illustrious “STFU” edit of Harlem Shake. His immeasurable progress thus far in sound design and image has ushered him into a handful of different movements in the dubstep and trap scenes. His most recent EP, Gravity, provides a solid look into the producer’s midtempo work, featuring both glitch-hop and twerk-influenced originals on the two-track release. Whether it's dubstep, trap, or soomething in between, Eliminate has it figured out, and we can't to hear what else he has in store for us in the months to come.

Aero Chord

The Greek native Aero Chord has been receiving a lot of attention lately for his undefined sounds, due in large part to the support of mega acts like Skrillex, DiploPegboard Nerds, and Krewella. Tracks like “Bouzouki” and “Surface” highlight the producer’s unique and unpredictable direction, and future releases coming out on Monstercat, Simplify Recordings, and Kannibalen further assure us that there are some truly big things ahead for this talented producer!


Since the release of his debut EP, The Absolute, on Firepower Records, the Florida local Twine has been on a killing spree filled with high-quality productions and creative song progressions. He is currently providing direct support to heavyweights Getter and AFK on their latest Gnartillery tour. His catalogue of productions is also receiving support from the likes of 12th PlanetProtohypeGetter, and Datsik. Looking ahead, the young producer is set to release his next EP in exchange for 5k likes on Facebook, and we couldn't be more excited for what this burgeoning producer will be bringing to the table.

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