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11 EDM Autobiographies We Can't Wait to Read

Tall tales of travel and twerk.

The autobiography is a rite of passage in musical stardom. It signifies that you’ve done a lot of badass stuff in your lifetime, and now there is nothing left to do but brag about it. Wrinkled rockstars get all the biography glory these days but as the age of EDM moves forward here are a few books from the scene that we can’t wait to read.

Just imagine, Maarten Vorwerk: The Friendly Ghost, All Was Fair in Love in Brostep, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mau5. There is history to be written here, people.


In true rockstar fashion this book is sure to be full of hedonism, only with fewer downward spirals and more dancehall. Diplo is one of the more outgoing and exposed characters in EDM, which probably means there’s even more going on behind-the-scenes in his personal life. Think about it, he also travels more than a flight attendant and has a young son at home. And now that he’s reaching out of electronic music and in to the worlds of pop and Hollywood (Hi, Katy Perry) there’s a whole new chapter beginning.


This guy is as much a philosopher as he is a producer. Whether it’s reminding fans to wear earplugs or opinions on the state of society and sub-bass, Lorin Ashton has always aimed to be a positive force. With plenty of time spent on the dusty deserts of Burning Man and in metal bands in his earlier days the scene is already set; plus, those rants won't have to be chopped to 140-characters.

Maarten Vorwerk

He’s the most famous ghost producer around and still very little is known about this man. We know he loves to be in the studio, he loves his new home of Aruba, and he hates the spotlight, but the list of tracks he’s been on is short and mostly rumored. Obviously contracts and checks exchanged hands to ensure this happened, but an all-access spoiler of who paid for which tracks could be a blowout to reputations across the scene.


Is there anyone more outspoken in the entire music industry today? I suppose the term outspoken could be subbed depending on your opinion on the guy, but the point is Joel Zimmerman has a lot to say. Celebrity relationships, celebrity feuds, more feuds, and a lot of hardy opinions that can’t be contained to 140-characters; this one has to be on the way.


Talk about a success story. Anton Zaslavski came from the humble beginnings of jamming in bands with his family to becoming the essential young-gun producer, not only in dance music but in the pop-sphere at large. This guy has a lot of years ahead of him, too, so don't expect this story to be finished for a while.


When many people around the world think of electronic music there’s a good chance the first name that comes to mind is Tiësto. He’s been featured in a wax museum and video games, has deejayed the Summer Olympics, has collaborated on a T-shirt line with Giorgio Armani, and could spin a twelve-hour set before many of us were old enough to own computers. He’s part producer, part machine, part CEO.


Not only does he have one of the most respectable beginnings and current standings in the game, he’s a hilarious guys and he travels like a true globetrotter. His brother is Dave 1 from Chromeo, so anecdotes from back at the household would be music history gold, and maybe we’ll find out what their mother fed them.


With a past drumming in Isreali metal bands and a present in being an all-around madman, Asaf Borger could be hiding some interesting stories behind all that cake. There’s always his past relationship with DJ/pornstar Jessie Andrews and being friends with Miley Cyrus as well. Probably not great stories for telling his grandkids around a fire, but great for a book.

Pasquale Rotella

It’s probably safe to say that no one has backstage stories like Rotella. After all, as owner of Insomniac Entertainment, this is the guy produces some of the biggest music events in the world – he is the backstage. On top of that, he took on Los Angeles in court and won, married Holly Madison, and has become an overall power player in the scene. This is future required reading material for all business students.

Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf

These sisters are as funny as they are confident and their voice hasn't even reached maximum amplication. After all of the drama, and the lawsuit, when member Kris Trindl left the group, we know that there has to be some good stories that haven't surfaced yet.  Their public posts on Twitter and Tubmlr, as well as Jahan's editorial on Billboard made it clear that these girls are very passionate about what they do, and they are not afraid to express their feelings.  The world is getting a full dose of what it’s like to fully represent girl-power in a notoriously male-dominated industry. Throwbacks from their younger days in Chicago, before the group started, would also be sure to pull at the heart strings.


Being the golden boy of EDM has never been easy for Sonny. Fans loved him when he broke out, dissed him when he got too big, and now love him again after the. You always held your slightly-shaved head up high though, making good music in whatever genre you stepped towards (there was that whole emo-band thing). And to think, he’s only an album deep into his career.

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