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EDM.com Spotlight

Bastian Salbart Premieres 'Krush' On EDM.com [Interview]

Bastian Salbart's new single, "Krush," was released today through High Contrast Recordings/Be Yourself Music. The Polish producer spoke with EDM.com about his career and his new track. Click play on "Krush" below and check out what Salbart had to say.

M: You're unknown to a lot of American music fans. Can you give our readers a short summary of who Bastian Salbart truly is?

B: A young music producer from Poland who signed to High Contrast Recordings/Be Yourself Music at the end of 2013. I pay attention to quality (not quantity) of productions. I have 3 singles there already behind me, the next ones are scheduled. Bearing in mind that I'm one of those guys who have actually just started, I'm looking forward to forthcoming months/years. Additionally, I have just started my own podcast “Prognosis” a few days ago on the famous Digitally Imported radio(progressive channel).

M: What was the creative process like for "Krush"?

B: I started like I start each new project, by designing a strong kick, drums, and a bassline that works with all the percussion sounds and fits the groove. Afterwards, I focused on the melodic side of the track in order to create sounds and draw melodies. From the very beginning, “Krush” was somewhat gentler than its current version, but after a few listens, I figured that it needs to have a bigger impact. The melody of the main lead was also slightly different. In the meantime, a guitarist came over and recorded some nice riffs, which I used in the breakdown to create something that is not so common these days in dance music. I think it worked nicely and will be trying to experiment more with live instruments in the future.

M: What pushed you to start producing your own music?

B: At my house, music was always on. So I've been listening to a lot of all kinds of music. Later in life, my brother passed his interest in electronic music on to me, so I started to dig more in that direction. When I got my first computer, I started to mess with silly software like Dance eJay (where you can only play with blocks only, like in Tetris). Got hooked by it and started to search for more professional software. After I found it, I focused on finding my own style and this is where I'm now.

M: How has Poland influenced your sound?

B: Probably hasn't at all. Back at the time when I was at the silly Dance eJay stage, I liked to listen to Polish producers like Nitrous Oxide or Dave Schiemann who were getting a lot of the domestic industry's attention because they were the first ones who released on labels like Anjunabeats or Black Hole Recordings. Basically they were pioneers because of some achievements at the international level. But those days are gone and things changed, so I'm now getting influenced by things no matter where they come from.

M: What are the positives and negatives of coming up in Poland?

B: One negative is the lack of professional music industry and companies you have in countries like the Netherlands, UK, and USA. This is in terms of labels, managements, promoters, agencies, etc. When you are coming up in Poland you are further from the professionals than fellow producers from these countries I've just mentioned. So it's that kind of barrier because it's more difficult to start things and it requires more perseverance. Of course we have professionals in Poland also, but the entire industry isn't working as one healthy organism. There are less people to talk to, not many people to take advice from, and it is difficult to find others can help you get noticed.

One positive is that we are located in Central Europe, so once you are lucky and go international with your sound, you can reach Western and Eastern part of the continent with ease. Speaking of traveling to gigs, you can meet industry people face to face. Traveling costs are low in most cases and distances not so long. So it's that kind of geographical privilege. Also at the moment, there are lot of good producers coming up in Poland who release on major labels, so the country is getting its presence known in the worldwide industry. 

M: Which producers have been your biggest influences?

B: In the past, I was listening to a lot of Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. I loved them for their creativity and approach to productions. Also, they have basically created the industry, so it was hard to miss their activity. I respect these guys for how smart they are, as only perfect planning could take them to where they are now. Now times are different. We have lot of new producers and different sounds, so it means more sources to get inspirations from.

M: When do you plan on touring?

B: As you may be aware I'm a new kid on the block, so the touring thing is still ahead of me. In the second half of this year, I'm starting at a big festival in Poland named Electrocity, alongside Eric Prydz, Emma Hewitt and lot of other great artists. I plan to take things from there as a few productions and remixes will be released around that time. First I want to get proper recognition from releases and then kick myself into DJing.

M: What type of tracks do you plan on producing in the future?

B: I rely on originality and surprising myself with new sounds and solutions during the production process, so it's hard to say in just few words what kind of productions I will release in the future. But I can say that a vocal track is already being finished and two instrumentals have been done. All of them will be released via High Contrast Recordings/Be Yourself Music, so I'm hoping you guys will be looking for those in the next few months.

M: Where do you plan to be one year from now?

B: I plan to keep delivering music that people can dance to and listen to at home, make it into regular rotation decent party lineups where I can have possibility of meeting people, explore new things, and get influenced even more. Also I plan to keep communicating within my music with people and keep increasing the amount of music fans that are interested in joining the musical conversation with Bastian Salbart. If things keep going like they are going now, the plan will be fulfilled.

Purchase "Krush" on Beatport:  http://bit.ly/HCR244BP

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