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EDM.com Spotlight

Global Bass: Music Is Our Religion

We are connected, a teeming mass of humanity forgetting our personal failures for a short while. We have left responsibility at the front gate to join the throng of revelers in a celebration of the moment. Maybe this moment is all we have, so let’s make the most of it. As the party rages, certain members of the audience know in their hearts they want even more. Their place is not here among the faithful. They have their audacious eyes set on the throne.

You are used to operating on a much different frequency. When you hear the sounds, instead of reacting with mindless joy, you are assessing, thinking to yourself “How can I recreate that? How could I make it better? When will I get my chance?” This is the damnation of the prospective musician forced to endure purgatory among the spectators. 

Then a friend reminds you that Red Bull “gives you wings” and suggests that you sign up for their academy. After filling out GOD knows how many pages of their application (by hand) you never hear back from them. Is this where your faith wavers?

The massive cathedrals throughout Europe once played host to crowds like this. Worshippers made pilgrimages from one opulent structure to the next. History repeats itself today as they gather all around the world to hear music, the language of the heavens. When they return home they are overwhelmingly inspired and better equipped to face life’s trials and tribulations. They have a greater understanding of community. Their minds have been opened to limitless possibilities. 

And I envy them. All the while I was clapping and cheering my thoughts fixated on the most sinful of questions. When will I take my place among the exalted?

Hear My Prayer: I can tell you where all those kick drums came from! I have a synth bass programmed that no one has ever heard! I read their interviews and they all seem like complete douchebags to me! I would NEVER treat my fans that way! I promise to keep in touch with ALL my friends and family!

Then oddly enough, your prayers are answered. Suddenly you have been elevated because this is anyone’s game. Your age, race or sexual orientation does not matter. Cynicism aside, the all-encompassing nature of Dance music is teaching us how to develop an appreciation for all cultures, as if miraculously those who really want to participate have the means to do so. The ultimate power of the universe works in mysterious ways.

Written by MC Zulu.

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