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EDM.com Spotlight

Aly & Fila Create Newest 'Trance Nation' Mix For Ministry Of Sound

If there’s one thing Aly & Fila know how to do after being in the trance scene for over a decade, it’s how to make a killer set. Often seen as the figureheads of uplifting trance, this Egyption duo produces electrifying music. They also manage one of the most consistently amazing record labels out there. Having recognized their extraordinary talent, Ministry Of Sound teamed up with them to produce a brand new mix compilation—titled Trance Nation—featuring a remarkable amount of exclusive music.

Ministry Of Sound are well known for their mix compilations, among many other things, having worked with other big trance names such as Lange and John 00 Fleming. However, Aly & Fila are undoubtedly one of the bigger names to work with them. The compilation itself seemingly contains as much energy as a nuclear bomb and comes out on Sunday, May 25. 

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