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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Femme Fatales Crushing It In The EDM Scene

I’m going to say this right from the beginning: In my own personal opinion, I don’t think there are enough female DJs and producers in the electronic music scene. I personally think this male-dominated scene could use some sugar, spice, and everything nice. I have been going to shows and working on and off in the music industry since 2009, and something that always bothered me was the lack of women in attendance.

For me, it has always been thrilling to meet another passionate young lady who shares a general interest in music because it creates a nice change of pace rather than constantly being surrounded by “les garçons.” So why in this day and age, when gender and sex are so fluid, does a massive disparity in gender roles in the music scene still exist?

Needless to say, there is still a huge lack of women in the music industry. This is not just in EDM, but in all genres of music. This massive divide in the playing field is one that makes me feel uneasy. Why is the music industry such a male-dominated scene? Is it because they are stereotypically “better at electronics,” or are females too intimidated to actually get up and perform because of what might happen? Nowadays, I see quite a few talented females making a name for themselves which is great because it is starting to balance the industry out.

Here are my top five favorite female DJs and producers who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in and kill it every single time they step on stage or produce music.


Throughout her career, Kito's impressive productions have been signed and played by Skream, Mad Decent, Ed Banger, and Disfigured Dubz. There’s no denying she’s talented. Kito and her buddy Reija Lee have started working together to make a duo of femme fatales, producing, singing, and just being all-around awesome. Take a listen.

Ellen Allien

Allien has been in the game since 1992. That’s 21 years. She has been constantly releasing new music throughout that whole time period. Allien's mixes heavy tech-house sounds with electro to create a very unique sound. The amount of music that has come from Allien means that there’s something for everyone. It proves that hard work and experimenting is essential for building a solid ground for yourself. 

Nina Kraviz

This girl has some taste. I don’t know what it is about her music, but she has me hooked. I think it might have something to do with those apathetically hot vocals which she does so well, especially in the track “Ghetto Kraviz.” This triple threat (DJ, producer and singer) is absolutely killing it. In fact, the Beatport staff anointed her their DJ of the Year during the 2014 Beatport Awards. You should definitely check out this badass Russian lady for some laid back, lounge-y beats. 

Maya Jane Coles

I just happened to stumble across Maya Jane Coles not too long ago, and I must say I am quite addicted to her music. Not in a creepy way—I just listen to it from the time that I wake up until I go to sleep, because it’s that good. Like Kraviz, Coles can DJ, produce, and sing. Tracks like “Comfort” and “Dreams” off her debut album Comfort is the kind of shit that gets me off. I live for music like this. She has this certain je ne sais quoi, which means you can’t help losing yourself in her deep house tracks for hours on end. 

Mary Anne Hobbs

The reason why Mary Anne Hobbs is number one is because she is 100% my idol. Her radio shows have been one of the driving forces behind the EDM scene for years. From her humble beginnings to working with a band, writing for NME and other publications, and having hit shows on XFM and BBC Radio 1, Hobbs is one of the forerunners of promoting up-and-coming producers. People are drawn to her, and she possesses this unique talent for finding raw, new artists. The music Hobbs finds is always a pleasure to listen to. Her background in rock and punk music definitely shows in the way she speaks and the music she chooses, but that doesn’t mean she’s not diverse. Also, I want to mention that she’s 50 and still looks like a fox. 

I get why a lot of women don’t become involved on a higher level in the music industry. It’s intimidating to be surrounded night and day by males. Females are constantly objectified and/or not taken seriously in this industry. On an honest note, though, if it’s your passion, run with it. Don’t let anyone hold you back. I think this scene needs more girl power. To all my ladies out there, stop making excuses and just go for it.

Written by Gabe Gilker

Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of EDM.com.

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